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SKA - Admiral. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- I would like to congratulate everyone with the victory! This was an important game for us, we wanted to make the fans happy. In comparison to the previous match, today we managed to score more goals. However, at the same time, we played poorly on the powerplay. I would like to thank the fans for their support.

- How did you come up with the idea of putting Dmitry Buchelnikov, Vasily Glotov and Marat Khairullin in one line?

- We are trying to search for our optimal line formations. For Dmitry's goal, Emil did really well to give him a superb pass. I think that his goal has taken the weight off his shoulders. We have a lot of work ahead of us, our forwards need to play better in defence.

- Why didn't Marat Khusnutdinov and Zakhar Bardakov play?

- Hopefully, both of them will be ready for our next game. We aren't going to reveal any inside details.

- Had Dmitry Nikolaev not conceded, would you have swapped him for Sergei Ivanov?

SKA - Admiral. Press-conference

- Yes, this was a planned substitution. Sergei Ivanov deserves credit for his performance, he made a series of fantastic saves with the opponents hungry for goals. It's crucial to have solid goalkeepers in your team, and the skaters should always help them out. We will analyse our mistakes and put them right.

- Emil Galimov and Matvei Michkov returned from injury. Why did Michkov only play in the third period?

- Emil had received his injury during a training game in the summer. He was great today, picking up three points in his first appearance of the campaign. We can only be grateful for his efforts. Matvei played during the concluding 12 minutes. I am pleased that our injured players are on their way back, we want everyone to be available for selection.

- Your next game is against Dinamo Minsk, who have Alexei Emelin on their books. Will Michkov play?

- We are focused on our own performances. We have to reveal our line-up an hour before the match begins, we will have a think and make a decision.

- Nikolaev is playing in every game. Has he got a special training program, given just how many matches he's competing in?

- We work with each player individually. When he has an opportunity to rest, we always give him it. It's important to continue working hard and improving. All of our goaltenders are strong, Ivanov was impressive today and Alexander Samonov will soon return. If we work as a team and block pucks, the goalkeepers will have less work. We are working as a united group.

- Your first match of the season against CSKA Moscow will take place on October 3. Are you already focused on that game?

- For us, the most important match is always the next one. Our next game is against Dinamo Minsk, a team which recently beat CSKA.

- Canadian defenseman Alex Grant plays for SKA. However, today Canada issued a recommendation for its citizens to leave Russia. Will he stay in Saint Petersburg?

- We experienced this last season too. The US and Canadian embassies have issued recommendations. Each player will make his own decision. Alex is with our team, he's playing in games. We are focused on ice hockey.

- There is information that you will donate money to the families of those called up to the army.

- We are trying to help everyone as much as we can. We will raise additional funds as a team. The organisers will decide who needs the money, they will do all of the necessary checks. It's our duty to help.

- This was the second game this season in which SKA scored six goals. Which one was your favourite?

- I am more worried about the goals which we aren't scoring. We have to start using our scoring opportunities, so many are being wasted. All goals which we score are down to the overall team effort.

- Will you the donated money for the families come out of your own pocket?

- Yes, they are all personal funds. I am helping as much as I can.

HC SKA forward Dmitry Buchelnikov:

- Both teams played their brand of ice hockey. Dmitry Nikolaev was excellent for us in net, and the same can be said for Sergei Ivanov who made his debut.

- In previous games, you wasted a lot of scoring opportunities.

- I needed to keep a cool head. Furthermore, luck was against me too. I scored today with my new hairstyle! For my goal, Vasily Glotov made a great pass which enabled us to have an odd-man rush. Marat Khairullin passed to Emil Galimov, who then assisted my goal. Do I think too long sometimes when I have a chance to score? No, there isn't any time in which to think.

HC SKA forward Emil Galimov:

- It was a good match, we managed to score quick goals. We controlled the game and our goalkeeper made big saves.

- You picked up three points during your season debut.

- Our physical conditioning coach made sure that I was in great shape for this match. My teammates helped me as well.

- What happened when you received your injury during the pre-season in the summer?

- There was an unfortunate collision during a training game.

- Was it difficult for you at first in this match?

- Of course! I hadn't played for a month and half. It was tough, but my teammates helped me out and the coaches showed faith in me.

HC Admiral Vladivostok head coach Leonid Tambiev:

- There was only one team on the ice during the first two periods. We had too much respect for SKA, making silly mistakes in the process which were punished by the opponents. We couldn't keep up with them and we lost all of the battles. I am happy with how we played in the third period, we took the initiative and deserved our goal. At the moment, it's tough for us to compete with teams like SKA, they are in a different category than us. I congratulate SKA with their win.

- Did the opening two goals ruin your game plan?

- It's always difficult to come back from two down against any opponent, especially when you're playing a team of such quality. We lost our in terms of speed, movement and the duels. This resulted in SKA nearly always playing with the initiative. SKA were always a step or two ahead of us. When you are losing out in terms of movement against a team which players of high quality, you are always going to struggle to achieve a positive result.

- When SKA introduced their young goalkeeper in the third period, did you ask your players to shoot from all angles?

- We heard that they had changed their goaltender. We couldn't even score against him, although we did have plenty of shots. Maybe SKA put him on the ice in an attempt to help us score!

- Mark Verba got into a fight with Andrei Pedan.

- He did the right thing there.

- You won the VHL Petrov Cup here at the nearby Hockey City complex as head coach of Dynamo Saint Petersburg. How is it being back in Saint Petersburg?

- Yes, there is plenty of nostalgia and memories for me here. In 1989, I played here for two years as well. I have lots to look back on in this city!

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