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SKA - Ak Bars - 5:1

Ak BarsMatch reportSKA - Ak Bars - 061218
HC SKA press-service

In Saint Petersburg, SKA defeated reigning KHL Gagarin Cup champions HC Ak Bars for the second time in the 2018/2019 regular season, earning an emphatic 5:1 victory!

Usually, matches against Ak Bars are tight affairs, but this was anything but as SKA ran riot at the Ice Palace.

The game was practically over as a contest in the first period. Fired up for the match, SKA scored three, with Patrik Hersley launching a slap shot into the net before Sergei Plotnikov netted twice on the slot to make it 3:0.

Early in the second, our players increased the advantage to four, with Andrei Kuzmenko hitting the jackpot from the left faceoff circle. Nail Yakupov then tallied a marker against the Tatars, but before the frame was over, Paul Postma got Ak Bars on the board.

SKA saw the match out in the third to claim a huge 5:1 win! The next KHL match will take place against HC Dynamo in Moscow on December 10.

Match protocol:

SKA - Ak Bars - 5:1 (3:0, 2:1, 0:0)


1:0 Hersley (Khafizullin, Gusev), 07.22

2:0 Plotnikov (Datsyuk, Tokranov), 12.09

3:0 Plotnikov (Prokhorkin, Hersley), 19.14

4:0 Kuzmenko (Tokranov, Datsyuk), 24.30

5:0 Yakupov (Karpov, Kablukov), 28.55

5:1 Postma (Glukhov), 33.03

Goalkeepers: Shestyorkin - Podyapolsky/Garipov

Shots on target: 29 - 21

Faceoffs: 28 - 28

Hits: 11 - 24

Penalty minutes: 4 - 10

Referees: Gofman, Romasko


SKA - Ak Bars - 5:1

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