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SKA - Amur. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC Amur Khabarovsk head coach Sergei Svetlov:

- It was a fast, interesting game. We held on for two periods. The key factor was the special teams, SKA scored while we always conceded after taking penalties.

- Why did Amur take so many penalties in the third period?

- We were lacking strength, our schedule is really tight. We had played four matches which took place every two days. We only arrived in Saint Petersburg yesterday, and today we already had to play. There was tiredness.

- What did the referees say to you about counting Vladislav Kamenev's goal after the puck had struck Marek Langhamer's mask?

- They said that the goal counted because the puck immediately dropped at the opponent's stick after it had hit his mask. If the puck had gone out to the corner, the play would have stopped.

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- We struggled to get going. There wasn't a lot of positive things to come out of the first period, but we played at our level in the second and third frames. We won because we were effective on the powerplay.

SKA - Amur. Press-conference

- How long will Kirill Marchenko, Ivan Morozov and Vasily Podkolzin stay in one line?

- Well, Vasily will soon go to the World Junior Championship. They will stay together for now. They did well in the last game, so we put them in one line today. They played well.

- Why do SKA struggle with Eastern Conference teams in the lower half of the table?

- It's hard to say. We always prepare the same way, but maybe we lack concentration sometimes. We became more focused today as the match continued.

- Will you continue to play junior national team players ahead of the World Junior Championship?

- Yes, if they are in good shape, they will play. They'll have three or four days rest when joining the national team.

- Anton Belov played for the first time in six weeks.

- He did well, especially considering that it was his first game in a long time. Anton was key in defence, won the battles and started good attacking plays.

- Is Alexander Samonov ready to play?

- Just about. Maybe he will play in the next match.

- Why has Vladimir Potapov replaced Alexei Babintsev on the bench?

- Vladimir has more experience, he's worked with these guys before.

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