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SKA - Avangard. Press-conference

Press-conferenceAvangardValery BraginSKA - Avangard - 261020
HC SKA press-service

HC Avangard Omsk head coach Bob Hartley:

- I congratulate SKA with their victory, it was an excellent match. We also played well. After 40 minutes, it felt like a playoff game. SKA's early goal in the third period affected us, but we continued to work hard. It's tough to take this defeat, because we deserved better. SKA played great.

- Avangard are struggling to keep a hold of leads this season.

- This is only our fourth defeat in regulation time. Other teams know how to score too, that's normal. We like to attack, so that results in both teams having opportunities. It's ice hockey, these things happen.

- Your team seemed to slow down towards the end of the third period.

- I don't agree with that. If you look at the third SKA goal, they scored after we had lost control of the puck. We were skating well, but as we then searched for a way back into the game, SKA managed to score on the counter.

- Alexei Emelin, one of your most experienced players, received a 5+20 penalty.

- Alexei is lucky that he's not in a wheelchair, because it was a horrible hit against him at the start of the first period. I think it would be better to speak about that hit by Evgeny Ketov. As for Emelin's penalty, we don't think that he deserved to be penalised for high sticking, as we had the puck at that moment. If you look at the replay, you can see that the referee's arm was raised; we thought that we were going to be given a powerplay.

SKA - Avangard. Press-conference

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- I am really happy that we saw our true team today. We took a large penalty at the start of the game, but we were solid defensively. The guys fought for each other, I could feel a positive atmosphere on the bench. The main thing is that were great tactically, competing with intelligence and commitment. We're really happy with the result.

- We saw two completely different SKA teams in these last two matches.

- As you know, the entire squad has recovered from illness which took its toll. We analysed both the game against Spartak Moscow and the first match with Avangard in Balashikha. Tactically we played really well.

- This was probably one of Emil Galimov's best performances of his career.

- He is a modern ice hockey player who can do it all. I'm very happy that he managed to score his goals today, he always competes in the correct manner all over the ice.

- The first line was very productive today.

- They had a great mindset. The most important thing is that we saw a united team which fought for each other.

- Is Yaroslav Askarov ready to play?

- Yes, he's already in good form again. Let's see if he will play in the next match.

- When will Vladimir Tkachyov return?

- He has a small injury. We will see how he feels.

- Vasily Podkolzin was in the VHL today. Is it a problem that you have so many players available for selection?

- It's great when you have a big group of players to choose from, we have competition within the team. If we talk about Vasily, then this is his first full campaign at this level, his body is a bit tired. Maybe he will participate in the next game.

- Igor Larionov will make his debut as senior national team head coach earlier than you.

- The young players will compete at the first stage of the Euro Hockey Tour, and he is the head coach of the junior national team. It's his team. It is important to see the players on the ice together, because all warm-up tournaments for the World Junior Championship have been cancelled.

- Who was chosen as the best SKA player today?

- Emil Galimov.

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