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SKA - Avtomobilist. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg head coach Bill Peters:

- It's great to earn our first victory of the KHL regular season. It was important to go 2:0 up early on, but the key moment was our penalty kill when leading 3:2. We didn't allow SKA to equalise.

- Were the first two goals the strangest of your career so far?

- You don't see goals like that every day. Yes, sometimes you see one strange goal in a game, but two? That's rare! These are two important points for us.

- Avtomobilist initially lost twice at home.

- This victory will give us confidence. We have a tough road trip coming up, this is an important win for our team. We can play at an even higher level.

- Jakub Kovar is out for a very long time. Will you sign another goalkeeper, or do you fully trust Dmitry Shikin?

- We're discussing this with our management. We trust Dmitry and Vladimir Galkin. Dmitry was superb today, and Vladimir did well against Ufa and performed solidly in pre-season. We will make a decision.

SKA - Avtomobilist. Press-conference

- Your players blocked a lot of shots in the closing stages. Have they received any injuries?

- We haven't spoken with the doctors yet, but hopefully no one has any serious injuries. As usual, a lot of players now have a lot of ice on their legs in the dressing room. In the closing minutes, the guys did a wonderful job to block so many shots, especially Patrice Cormier. I am grateful for their commitment.

- Do you have news concerning Pavel Datsyuk?

- No, not yet. Pavel hasn't yet decided whether to continue playing. We're waiting for his decision, he has time and we will respect what he says. He will make the best decision for himself and his family.

- For the first two goals, was it simply luck which helped you?

- Alexei Makeev pressed the goaltender well for the first goal, he did everything right.

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- The opponents focused on defence, it was tough for us. We conceded two strange goals, but we continued to try hard. There was a chance to equalise when 2:3 down. These things happen, it's a painful defeat. Just like my colleague, this was the first time when I saw two such odd goals scored in one match.

- How does Alexander Samonov feel?

- We spoke with him a bit in the dressing room. He's fine psychologically.

- How would you rate the first period in terms of SKA's attitude?

- We started well, showing good movement and creating opportunities. We had chances to save the game later on.

- Have you spoken with Kirill Marchenko?

- We supported him, anything can happen in ice hockey. It's rare when two strange goals are scored in one game. Kirill played well in the concluding two periods.

- What responsibility does Roman Rotenberg have on the bench?

- Everyone has their own jobs in our management group.

- In terms of SKA's play, how would you summarise this home stretch?

- The first match was good, but today the opponents were tight in defence and made it difficult for us. People love ice hockey for the fact that it's unpredictable.

- How is Evgeny Ketov?

- He and Emil Galimov were injured, now they're coming back.

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