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Friendly match. SKA - Avtomobilist. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- It was a good match. We need to give credit to the opponents, they competed with commitment and created a lot of problems for us. The guys did a solid job, they followed the game plan. We have things to work on as we continue to prepare for the playoffs.

- In the past, you have experienced a lot of playoff campaigns as general manager. How are things different working as the head coach?

- Our preparations are continuing. We have a lot of experience in this field, we have to work hard and build up team spirit. I think that we will be ready for when the playoffs begin.

- SKA have scored eight goals across the past two games. Has this increased confidence within the group?

- There is no limit to perfection. We are continuing to work on the details. Yes, today we managed to score four goals, but we still have to improve our finishing. There are things which require improvement across all zones.

- If Jokerit Helsinki pull out of the KHL, your playoff opponent will change.

Friendly match. SKA - Avtomobilist. Press-conference

- We are working in accordance with the situation at hand. We're prepared to play against any opponent, but right now we are scheduled to face Dinamo Minsk. We don't have any different information.

- Lars Johansson is your first goalkeeper, but who is your second choice?

- We'll discuss this matter further. Moreover, we have a match against Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod to play on Saturday. I want to thank the fans who came to support us today, we are looking forward to seeing them again with Torpedo.

HC Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg head coach Nikolai Zavarukhin:

- It was a hard-fought match, I think that the fans enjoyed it. There were a lot of duels and scoring opportunities. The second SKA goal directly before the second break probably went a long way to deciding the outcome. We were punished for losing the faceoff draw, there was an individual mistake. The third conceded goal arrived on the counter-attack with a defenseman scoring, even though we had shown our guys the video. Individual mistakes decided this game.

- Your 2021/2022 season is almost over. Where are you getting the motivation from?

- Eight months without ice hockey is difficult, and training sessions can't replace the matches themselves. We are trying to motivate our players. They're playing for the supporters, they should show their best qualities on the ice.

- Do a lot of your players have expiring contracts?

- Seven or eight. Everyone tried their best today, I don't have any issues.

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