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SKA - Barys. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC Barys head coach Yury Mikhaylis:

- It was a good match, thank you to my players for their performance and their good penalty killing. We conceded a poor fourth goal.

- How difficult was it to perform after such a bad run of results?

- The team was ready today. We analysed the opponents well, and we knew that we had to perform above our ability. I'm satisfied with the performance. The movement was good, we controlled the puck in the attacking zone. We did well in defence too apart from a few incidents.

- You decided to only play with three lines at the start of the third period. Wasn't that a bit early?

- No, it wasn't. We needed emotions. At times we even pinned SKA in their zone, but their defence coped with our threat.

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a really difficult game. Barys were motivated after a run of defeats, and we made a number of individual mistakes. Nevertheless, the main thing is that we won and earned two points. I would like to thank the fans for their support in this tough time.

SKA - Barys. Press-conference

- What can you say about Alexander Samonov's performance?

- He played well. The Barys goals were scored with tough shots. Why did I put Kirill Marchenko, Ivan Morozov and Vasily Podkolzin in one line again? They're doing well together.

- SKA have conceded six goals in two matches. What's going wrong in defence?

- Individual mistakes are resulting in conceded goals.

- Why are these errors being made?

- Our defensive system this year has been working really well in some games. But it takes skill.

- Marat Khusnutdinov was used on the penalty kill regularly.

- He's doing really well on the penalty kill. We have three units when the opponents have a powerplay.

- This was your 200th match as a head coach. Did the team congratulate you with this date?

- No, we didn't even speak about that. It doesn't mean anything.

- Did you feel as though you were lacking more fans inside the Ice Palace?

- Their support is always very important. The fans in Saint Petersburg understand ice hockey well.

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