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SKA - Barys. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC Barys Nur-Sultan head coach Yury Mikhailis:

- It was a tough game, our third of this road trip. We had a serious mindset today, the guys understood that they would have to try seriously hard in order to beat SKA. Thank you to them for that. Yes, we made mistakes, especially in the second period when the opponents punished us. We were patient and managed to win.

- You are struggling against the leading KHL teams, but you’ve beaten SKA twice this season.

- We’ve only been playing against the leading clubs for the past month and a half. I wouldn’t say that we had an advantage over SKA, our commitment and discipline helped. It’s great to win in Saint Petersburg, but there is fatigue after such a match. I’m proud of my team. Both of these teams have talented forwards who can take advantage of any scoring opportunity.

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- The first period wasn’t good, but we played well during the second and third frames. We needed to take advantage of our opportunities to score. The opponents were better at penalty shots.

SKA - Barys. Press-conference

- SKA conceded twice on three penalty kills.

- We need to analyse what happened. In any case, we made mistakes for those goals.

- You have signed the attack-minded Mikko Lehtonen in place of the more defensive Yaroslav Dyblenko.

- No, Lehtonen is a two-way player, he’s great in attack, on the powerplay and in defence. His contract is long? He can calmly play knowing that our agreement is long-term.

- When will Lehtonen arrive?

- At the moment, he is resolving issues concerning his visa. I think that he will arrive within the next week.

- SKA have strengthened in October. Will your style change?

- No, we always like to play aggressively, focusing on attacking and controlling the puck. Valentin Zykov did well today, he scored a goal. We will search for our best options.

- In recent games, SKA have both scored and conceded regularly.

- This is happening because the team is focused on attacking hard. We need to score more goals, the chances are there.

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