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SKA - Dinamo Minsk. Game two. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC Dinamo Minsk head coach Craig Woodcroft:

- We were a bit unlucky with the first conceded goal. Nevertheless, after going 0:3 down, we started to show character and managed to get back into the game. Unfortunately, we lost concentration for SKA's fourth goal, but we subsequently had a good conversation in the dressing room and played well in the second period. Sadly, after equalising in the third frame, a penalty resulted in the opponents scoring their fifth. Overall, I liked our performance. The series isn't over, we will continue fighting.

- The leaders of your team scored important goals today.

- They played well, especially on the powerplay. In a playoff series against such a tough opponent, we need our leaders to play like this.

- Brennan Menell and Shane Prince spent a lot of time on the ice in this match.

- Both of them are key players for us. They produced solid performances in these two games in Saint Petersburg, they put together a vital goal for us on the powerplay in the third period. We will have a chance to even the series in Minsk.

SKA - Dinamo Minsk. Game two. Press-conference

- Ilya Usov seems to be making a name for himself in this series.

- He is a young player full of character. Ilya likes to compete in a physical manner, he lands a lot of hits. He can be even more useful to us.

- Dinamo Minsk have already conceded 10 goals against SKA in the series so far. Maybe you need to change your system? It doesn't seem to be working.

- I think that it's down to individual mistakes, not our system.

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- We started well, but we lost concentration after taking a 3:0 lead. They managed to equalise in the third period. However, the winning goal was scored on the powerplay, and we iced it with an empty-netter. The main thing is that we won.

- Why did SKA allow Dinamo Minsk to equalise?

- Minsk play with an emphasis on their attack, they have a good balance between strong foreign and Belarusian players. We didn't compete with concentration after our third goal.

- SKA are leading 2-0 in the series. Have you been satisfied with the performances?

- I'm pleased with the victories, but we need to play well throughout the 60 minutes. At the moment, we're only playing at the desired level during patches of games.

- Six goals were scored during the first period.

- Both SKA and Minsk like to focus on attacking hard.

- Why is Dmitry Nikolaev being used as your back-up goalkeeper in the playoffs?

- Yaroslav Askarov is receiving ice time in the MHL. When he comes back, we will see who plays in future matches.

- What happened in the third period?

- We were on the powerplay, but we gifted Minsk an odd-man rush. In such a difficult game, we didn't have the right to commit that mistake.

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