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SKA - Dinamo Minsk. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

SKA - Dinamo Minsk. Press-conference

HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- We had prepared seriously for this match, Dinamo have a strong team with an excellent Canadian coach. They like to compete in a North American manner. Our fans gave us great energy today with their support, this is what we had been lacking in our last three away games. Our guys did a great job, they improved, overcame all of the difficulties and scored good goals. Everyone worked hard for the benefit of the team. It's an important victory for us, we have managed to get out of a tough situation. We'll enjoy the win for a couple of hours before flying to Kazan for a very important match.

- What went wrong for SKA during the recent road trip?

- We are building our team. In such stressful situations, our team is reaching new levels. A lot of our guys are ill with viruses which were spread during our flights, our coaches took antibiotics and continued to work. These things happen. Even when you're tired, you have to use your reserves and play to the limit regardless of the situation. When we played 6-on-5 in those matches, we didn't score because we were lacking freshness. Our third period in Novosibirsk was our best frame of the entire season, we protected possession and didn't allow the opponents to even touch the puck. However, we couldn't score our goals. Our work continues, the journey is long.

- Please comment on the signing of goalkeeper Vladislav Podyapolsky.

- The team's best interests are at the heart of any decision which we take. Over the years I have had the opportunity to see Vladislav regularly play, he is a stable goalkeeper who plays excellently. When Severstal Cherepovets played against Dynamo Moscow in the Gagarin Cup playoffs, he made it really difficult for the opposing team to score. We're always looking to see how we can strengthen our team. At the same time, I would like to say that we have no issues with Alexander Samonov and Daniil Pylenkov, we had a good conversation in which I thanked them for their efforts with us. They worked hard and did their best to help the team.

HC SKA forward Dmitrij Jaskin:

- It was a close game for the maiden 40 minutes, but then we took the game into our own hands and turned it in our favour. I think that the third period was our best stanza for quite a few matches.

- How much pressure did the recent away defeats put on you?

- Yes, it was a challenging road trip for us, but today we played well. Our goals were really important, they have shown us in which direction we need to move in. We feel more relaxed now. Given that we didn't score many goals away from home, we were really fired up today and tried as hard as possible to hit the target. Plus our powerplay didn't work when we played in those three away games.

HC SKA forward Dmitry Buchelnikov:

- Thank you to the fans for their wonderful support today! Despite our recent problems in terms of our results, the supporters came to the stadium to give us a much-needed boost. It was a difficult match, but it's good that our powerplay finally worked.

- When did you find out that you were going to play today instead of for the junior national team?

- I received a phone call in the morning. You can say that it woke me up! I am really happy to play for the senior SKA team again, I hadn't played in the KHL for a month and a half. I have only positive emotions from today's game.

- Why did SKA score so many goals in the third period? Was it because you were fired up, or did Minsk's fatigue play a decisive role?

- We needed to make sure that luck was on our side. In recent matches, it hasn't been in our favour. We will continue in the same manner.

HC Dinamo Minsk head coach Craig Woodcroft:

- Well, I'm certainly disappointed with how the game ended. I'm disappointed with the result. We played well for 48 minutes, we competed on an equal footing with SKA. However, with some timely mistakes, penalties and poor execution on the PK, we allowed SKA to blow the game wide open. I think that we tried to push back after those two quick SKA powerplay goals, but our young player made a mistake and they capitalised on their 2-on-1 opportunity. We had a bad 10 minutes. This is ice hockey, though, we have to learn from this. We must understand that you have to be prepared to compete for the full 60 minutes against a team like SKA. Today, we showed ourselves well and fought hard with discipline only for 48 minutes. This is SKA, I know these opponents better than anybody. They're like sharks when they smell blood.

- You have now conceded 15 goals in just two matches.

- I think that the game turned today as a consequence of SKA's two quick powerplay goals, we committed mistakes on the penalty kill. You cannot leave one of the league's best players in front of the net unmarked on the crease once, let alone twice. In general, we have made a series of individual mistakes across the last two games, not structural ones. We have to be a lot better. In order to compete against the top teams in the conference, we have to improve. We know that we can do it, we showed it for 48 minutes in this game. It has to be a complete 60-minute effort, eliminating the mistakes as much as we can. Speed puts people under pressure, you have to do things at an uncomfortable rate. If you don't manage the situation correctly, it can get out of hand quickly. Maybe a bad penalty, maybe a poor turnover.

- Why wasn't goalkeeper Alexei Kolosov in the line-up?

- He's fine. We wanted to give him some rest before our upcoming series of home games, Alexei trained well this morning.

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