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SKA - Dynamo Moscow. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- This was an important game for us. I would like to thank the fans for their fantastic support! The guys did a great job, displaying commitment and character. We fought for each other and responded to provocation with goals. We'll now prepare for the next match.

- What have you been feeding Marat Khairullin? He's scored five goals in just two games!

- This is down to the efforts of the coaching staff and the whole team. We worked hard during our pre-season training camps. We always pay attention to nutrition, this is an important part of our preparation. Everything is down to hard work, there aren't any secrets. Marat is a leader of our team, he's scoring really important goals. Nevertheless, he can play even better. Our system pays attention to the smallest of details. In order to successfully cope with the demands of the entire season, we want our players to be in excellent physical shape. All opponents have a determined mindset against us.

- When you are 3:0 up ahead of the third period, how important is it to play in accordance with the score?

- We always pay attention to our defence. A rock-solid defence is the key to success!

SKA - Dynamo Moscow. Press-conference

We play with five players in defence and five in attack. We made one mistake today, though, so we have things to work on. We always play in accordance with our system, not the score, we like to always play at a high tempo. Every game contains its own story, today our guys responded well to the situation on the ice and followed our plan. We made tactical changes during the match.

- Which goal of the four was key?

- Each goal is important. We always want to score first, this is what we're aiming for. We need to start taking advantage of more of our scoring opportunities. This was a special match for us, as Kirill Tankov had phoned us from the hospital and we have other injured guys. We played for them and it united us. We showed ice hockey which has made Kirill, our injured players on the sidelines and our loved ones happy. Kirill will prepare for next season, thank God that he is still with us.

- How does Alexander Samonov feel after receiving an injury during the second period?

- I can't say yet, we'll find out the diagnosis tomorrow. He fought hard and made a stretching save, during which he felt sharp pain. Hopefully, he is ok. I would like dirty plays to be taken out of ice hockey, we want technical players to be on the ice and for them to score more goals. This will be better for everyone.

- Dynamo tried to provoke your players on a regular basis.

- You have to reply to that with goals! When Dynamo's players tried to provoke us, we reminded them of the score on the scoreboard. Opponents always play their best game against SKA, this is a challenge for us. We have to be better, faster and more ruthless than them. We want to win by large scores but, at the same time, we like to defend solidly and communicate in defence. Modern ice hockey involves five players in defence and five in attack. The main thing is to take advantage of our scoring opportunities.

- How happy were you with the atmosphere inside the packed Ice Palace during this home series?

- This is vital for us, we are playing for our fans. Families are coming to our games with their children, this is promoting ice hockey. I am sure that our victories are widening our audience further. The more we win, the more people will attend our matches. Even on the road, we always have the most amount of away fans! I am very grateful to our supporters.

- In the future, would you like to compete in a Super Series against foreign teams?

- Of course! God willing, we will play against Canada again in the future. 90% of the Russian national team's players were on the ice for us today. Moreover, our guys are competing successfully against top foreign players, just take Salavat Yulaev Ufa's Josh Ho-Sang for example who was on the same level as Connor McDavid earlier in his career. Top players who have represented the likes of Canada competed against us during this home series, something which makes our victories even more pleasing. In the future, I'm sure that we will return to the international scene and give Canada a challenge. For now, we have to focus on our next game against Severstal in Cherepovets, they managed to beat CSKA Moscow 4:1 today.

HC Dynamo Moscow head coach Alexei Kudashov:

- There was a fantastic atmosphere, and I think that everyone enjoyed the game. We have aspects which require improvement. It was a tense match with lots of scoring opportunities, it was tense with quick movement and crunching hits. Everything was good.

- The end of the first period turned out to be decisive. What went wrong there?

- It was an even game at that point, but we conceded goals because of tactical mistakes. Both teams were playing at an equal level. We had a lot of young players on the ice who felt this atmosphere for the first time, but mistakes are always going to happen in ice hockey anyway.

- How difficult is it for you to manage these players?

- The guys are coping with our demands, they're in great shape physically and are smart players. We are happy with how they are training and their attitude.

- You are used to working at the Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg. What did you make of the atmosphere fot this game?

- There is always an excellent atmosphere here! When you are a visiting team, it's also important to have this noise inside the stadium, it increases the tension on the ice. This is an important psychological part of the game which we have to overcome.

HC SKA forward Dmitrij Jaskin:

- We played really well, taking advantage of our opportunities to score. I am happy that we finished this home series on a positive note, I would like to express my gratitude to the fans for their fantastic support.

- When you were leading 3:0, the game seemed to calm down.

- To be honest, 3:0 is the worst score in ice hockey. It seems that you have already won the game, but you have to continue playing. We knew that Dynamo would commit everyone to attack, they had nothing to lose. It's never easy in a situation like that, however you must see the game out successfully.

- Taking into account that you used to play for Dynamo, how important was this game for you?

- In comparison to when I played for Dynamo, only a few players are the same. Nonetheless, I still have some close friends there. As a consequence, it did feel like a different game for me, but I tried to treat it like any other match. We want to win all of our games.

- Dynamo forward Andrei Nikonov seemed to have something personal against you.

- I don't think so, they just wanted to make me less effective on the ice. They knew that I like to land a lot of hits.

HC SKA forward Valentin Zykov:

- It was a good game, we managed to take advantage of our chances. We improved in every period, playing until the end. Dynamo are strong opponents.

- Talk us through your first goal of the campaign.

- We had a 4-on-3 break-away. Alexander Nikishin took the shot, and I pounced on the rebound to score in baseball style.

- You have been put in a new line for this season.

- We've been playing well since the summer training camps, I have good mutual understanding with Zakhar Bardakov. Initially, Artyom Shvets-Rogovoi was with us, but Alexander Volkov replaced him after he received an injury. We are always communicating and we understand each other well.

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