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SKA - Dynamo Moscow. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC Dynamo Moscow head coach Alexei Kudashov:

- I want to congratulate SKA with their victory. They played with commitment, especially in the third period when they blocked plenty of shots shorthanded and didn't let us equalise.

- Your players made a lot of poor passes today, with the puck often bouncing. Why did this happen?

- It would be better to ask them this question. Maybe the ice was bad, or perhaps the passes were simply not accurate.

- There have been news stories stating that you will be in the Russian national team's coaching staff for the 2022 Olympic Games.

- This depends on the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, I haven't heard anything.

- Why has Dynamo's form dropped off recently?

- We are allowing the opponents to score a lot of easy goals, this is the problem. It's a tough season, we're playing against strong opponents, and our physical condition isn't always at its optimum. Fatigue results in mistakes being committed.

SKA - Dynamo Moscow. Press-conference

- When you manage teams, they always seem to struggle in October. Is this because of the poor physical shape of the players?

- I can't say that we're feeling bad physically. Firstly, the opponents are treating us differently than at the start of the season. Secondly, when you feel confident, you often stop paying so much attention to the small details and start making mistakes in defence. We will get through this period.

- This was your first game in Saint Petersburg since leaving SKA.

- The atmosphere is always excellent here, thank you to the fans for this. It's great to play in Saint Petersburg.

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a tough match, we took a lot of penalties in the third period. The main thing is that we held on, showed character, played until the end and achieved the victory.

- Dynamo have the KHL's best powerplay so far this season. What details did you focus on when analysing them?

- All of their play goes through Vadim Shipachyov and Vyacheslav Voynov. We told our players how to play.

- Valentin Zykov was kept as the 13th forward today. How is he feeling?

- If we look at our training sessions, he's in good shape. Let's see for the next game.

- Which line will he play in?

- He skates well, has a good shot and likes to play the game in the right manner. We will see. Nikita Gusev will travel with us to Finland too, we'll see how he feels.

- Why did you trade Vladislav Kamenev? He had performed well at the 2021 World Championship.

- We have new players, we needed to sign Gusev and Zykov. The other party also wanted to sign a good player as a part of the deal, so that's why he left.

- Zakhar Bardakov has only made two KHL appearances for SKA this season.

- At the moment, he is losing the competition within the team.

- Why did you let Fredrik Handemark go?

- We think that a foreign player should play better. We thanked him for his efforts with us, he did help the team well in certain matches.

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