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SKA - Jokerit - 3:2

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HC SKA press-service

In a thrilling match at the Saint Petersburg Ice Palace, SKA defeated HC Jokerit Helsinki 3:2 in the fourth home game of the 2019/2020 KHL regular season, with the winning goal arriving in the final minute.

Petri Kontiola opened the scoring for Jokerit 27 seconds into the first frame, but Jarno Koskrianta promptly tipped David Rundblad's effort beyond the goalkeeper to get SKA level.

Nail Yakupov then gave SKA the lead on the powerplay.

Pushing for an equaliser, Jokerit pressured SKA into taking a penalty, and the visitors needed no invitation to score their second.

Nevertheless, with 26 seconds remaining on the clock, Jori Lehtera netted on the powerplay to seal a pulsating 3:2 SKA win.

SKA will next play on Tuesday against HC Sochi on the road.

Match protocol:

SKA - Jokerit - 3:2 (0:0, 2:1, 1:1)


0:1 Kontiola (Jensen), 20.27

1:1 Koskiranta (Dergachyov, Rundblad), 22.09

2:1 Yakupov (Kuzmenko, Barabanov), 30.52

2:2 Haapala (Norman, Kontiola), 53.30

3:2 Lehtera (Byvaltsev, Rundblad), 59.34

Goalkeepers: Melnichuk - Kalnins

Shots on target: 21 - 18

Faceoffs: 31 - 22

Hits: 21 - 12

Penalty minutes: 8 - 8

Referees: Gofman, Frano


SKA - Jokerit - 3:2

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