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SKA - Jokerit - 5:2

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HC SKA press-service

At the Saint Petersburg Ice Palace, SKA eased past HC Jokerit Helsinki, registering a 5:2 victory to beat the Finnish opponents for the fourth consecutive time.

SKA made the perfect start. On the powerplay, Nail Yakupov stuffed the puck beyond Jokerit goalkeeper Janins Kalnins from a tight angle, before Maxim Karpov backhanded into the net when clean through. However, towards the end of the first period, Antti Pihlstrom beat Swedish goaltender Magnus Hellberg.

After a goalless second frame, SKA put the game to bed in the third. Nikita Gusev hit the jackpot, Nail Yakupov scored his second when 1 on 1, and Patrik Hersley launched a cannon into the net from the right faceoff circle on the powerplay.

In the dying moments, former SKA forward Steve Moses netted for Jokerit on the man advantage, but it made little difference as our team won 5:2 at home!

Match protocol:

SKA - Jokerit - 5:2 (2:1, 0:0, 3:1)


1:0 Yakupov (Belov, Gusev), 08.34

2:0 Karpov, 08.54

2:1 Pihlstrom (Platt, Anttila), 17.00

3:1 Gusev (Barabanov, Maltsev), 44.51

4:1 Yakupov (Zubarev, Tikhonov), 48.22

5:1 Hersley (Belov, Datsyuk), 54.49

5:2 Moses (Grant, Jormakka), 58.08

Goalkeepers: Hellberg - Kalnins

Shots on target: 30 - 33

Faceoffs: 28 - 29

Hits: 13 - 9

Penalty minutes: 8 - 8

Referees: Akuzovsky, Romasko


SKA - Jokerit - 5:2

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