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SKA - Jokerit. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

SKA - Jokerit. Press-conference

HC Jokerit Helsinki head coach Lauri Marjamaki:

- It was a tight game, two quality teams played against each other. We played with discipline as we only took two penalties, but something was missing in our attacking game and our passing. SKA were a bit better today, they were excellent on the penalty kill when we had our three powerplays.

- Nearly all of Jokerit's matches this season depend on who scores the first goal. So far, you have claimed 90% of possible points when scoring first, but if the opponents tally the first goal, then you have only earned 55% of the points on offer.

- That's an interesting statistic. It's very important to score the first goal, otherwise you have to chase the game. We always try to score first in every match.

- Are Jokerit interested in signing TPS Turku goaltender Andrei Kareev?

- This is the first time when I have heard about that, thank you for telling me!

- In comparison to the recent KHL match between these two teams in Finland, why was this game much more defensive?

- Yes, it was more of an emotional game on Friday, maybe the fact that we had 10 thousand fans inside the building had an impact. It was more of a solid match today, the teams competed with discipline. The style was completely different.

- Were you disappointed that defenseman Mikko Lehtonen joined SKA instead of returning to Jokerit?

- I'm the coach, I have to focus on the things which I can control.

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a good, tense match. I think that the supporters enjoyed it. We're really happy with the victory, as we had lost to Jokerit in overtime in Finland last week. The players worked hard with commitment throughout the entire 60 minutes.

- You put Vladislav Tsitsyura in a line with Nikita Gusev and Ivan Morozov during the game.

- We wanted to improve the movement, and it had the desired effect. They had big opportunities to score.

- Defenseman Vasily Tokranov was on the bench during the whole match.

- We had him in the line-up just in case. Maybe he will be ready for the next game.

- Previously, you said that Daniil Pylenkov was a player for the powerplay, but he doesn't seem to be playing on the man advantage at the moment.

- Daniil was solid today, it was a good performance. Mat Robinson and Igor Ozhiganov are our defensive partnership for the powerplay right now, Daniil is third in line. He is a two-way player.

- How would you rate Nikita Gusev's play?

- He's improving with every passing game, he created a lot of chances today. Nikita will continue to improve.

- We haven't seen Artyom Shvets-Rogovoi for a long time.

- He is recovering from a serious injury.

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