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SKA - Jokerit. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC Jokerit Helsinki head coach Jukka Jalonen:

- I congratulate SKA with their victory. This defeat has disappointed me, because the game was in our hands. There were only a few minutes left, but we took a penalty. We were passive in the first period, however we improved in the second and third frames. I am satisfied with my team's performance. The main reason behind SKA's victory is their special teams.

- What can you say about the third period penalties?

- Maybe they were penalties. The decisive penalty was soft, it came when the puck was being fought for in front of the goal.

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- It was a tough game both for us and the opponents. I am grateful to the guys for playing until the end and winning.

- Comment on Yegor Rykov's performance.

- Why are you asking this question.

SKA - Jokerit. Press-conference

- He made a mistake for Jokerit's first goal.

- Other players, even more experienced ones, also made mistakes in this game. I don't think we need to speak about that.

- On Monday, SKA will play CSKA. Is it tough playing two consecutive matches against league leaders?

- It will be a difficult game, CSKA lost in overtime. We have lost a lot of emotions in a match against a strong opponent. The main thing is to recover and keep our emotions.

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