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SKA - HC Sochi. Press-conference

Press-conferenceOleg ZnarokSKA - HC Sochi - 111017
HC SKA press-service

HC Sochi head coach Sergei Zubov:

- Thanks to SKA for a good game. The guys were together, fought hard and deserved these two points. We will prepare for the next match, the road trip continues.

- You returned to the Ice Palace. What are your impressions?

- Everything's great.

- Did you take a timeout at the end of the third period for tactical reasons?

- I gave the guys a rest.

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- We generally play well in the second periods, but today it was the opposite. Everything comes to an end eventually, I congratulate the opponents with their victory. Their goalkeeper played well. We will prepare for the next game.

- SKA won 20 consecutive matches. If you wouldn't have had a large squad, how would you have had kept the players motivated?

- We haven't got the biggest squad. I think that we will give another couple of players to different clubs. It was difficult to get the team in the right mindset. It's never easy when everyone is waiting for a loss. I am happy that we lost to Sergei Zubov and not any other coach.

- How many years will SKA's record stand for?

- I don't use a crystal ball.

SKA - HC Sochi. Press-conference

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