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SKA - HC Sochi. Press-conference

HC SochiPress-conferenceIlya VorobyovSKA - HC Sochi - 100918
HC SKA press-service

HC Sochi head coach Sergei Zubov:

- We lost this match in the second period and it's not a secret. Mistakes were committed and the opponents took full advantage. For our part, we had chances and could have scored more, and I want to say thank you to the team for trying hard and performing well in the third period.

- Last season, Sochi beat these opponents twice. Which SKA is stronger?

- SKA are playing at their high level. Today, we lost because we didn't use our goalscoring opportunities.

- SKA had lost two matches beforehand. Did you know that your players would have to defend a lot?

- Both teams had to be patient at times.

- Your players travelled to the match on the Saint Petersburg metro. What impressions were you left with?

- I was at the stadium earlier so I didn't travel on the metro.

SKA - HC Sochi. Press-conference

HC SKA head coach Ilya Vorobyov:

- Thanks to the fans for turning up to the arena. We had worked on our mistakes. During the first two periods, we played great, and in the third we took our foot off the gas but still managed to win.

- What errors were corrected?

- That will remain our secret. We looked at what needed to be improved.

- Did SKA play simpler today?

- Yes. Sometimes, playing in a simple manner can work wonders.

- Why does Ilya Kablukov's line start matches?

- They are all physical guys and they set the tone.

- In the fourth line, all of the forwards haven't registered a point yet in the 2018/2019 KHL season. Is that why you put them together?

- We are rotating the squad and those players have jobs to do.

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