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SKA - Kunlun Red Star - 5:1

Match reportKunlun Red StarSKA - Kunlun Red Star - 301018
HC SKA press-service

Following the recent away series, SKA returned home to the Saint Petersburg Ice Palace, duly thrashing visitors HC Kunlun Red Star Beijing in the 2018/2019 KHL regular seaso.

However, it wasn't an easy start for our team, as Tomas Mertl scored in the first couple of shifts to give Kunlun an early lead. Things weren't going to plan, but in the latter half of the period, Alexander Barabanov scored from close range to equalise.

Despite dominating in the second frame, SKA couldn't make the advantage count, however it all changed in the third. Maxim Karpov finally broke through with a rising wrister, before Dinar Khafizullin, Andrei Kuzmenko and Alexander Barabanov all netted beauties to register a crushing 5:1 victory over Kunlun Red Star!

Match protocol:

SKA - Kunlun Red Star - 5:1 (1:1, 0:0, 4:0)


0:1 Mertl (Bartley), 01.10

1:1 Barabanov (Kuzmenko), 14.41

2:1 Karpov (Plotnikov), 46.41

3:1 Khafizullin (Karpov, Gusev), 52.05

4:1 Kuzmenko (Barabanov), 53.22

5:1 Barabanov (Kuzmenko, Zub), 59.40

Goalkeepers: Hellberg - Brust

Shots on target: 40 - 17

Faceoffs: 30 - 27

Hits: 14 - 13

Penalty minutes: 4 - 8

Referees: Kulakov, Odins


SKA - Kunlun Red Star - 5:1

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