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SKA - Kunlun Red Star. Match facts

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Nikita Gusev has dished out more assists (218) than any other SKA player in the domestic championship. The forward has overtaken Vadim Shipachyov in the ranking, who made 217 assists when playing for SKA. 111 assists were made at equal strength, with the remaining 107 having been tallied on the powerplay. It took Nikita 276 games to make 218 assists for SKA.

127 of his assists have been witnessed in Saint Petersburg and 91 on the road. Nikita has made at least one assist in matches with all 28 opponents which he has played against as a SKA player.

Furthermore, Nikita scored his 77th goal for SKA in the KHL regular season, and this was his maiden game as the team captain. Only Ilya Kovalchuk (138) has netted more goals for SKA in the regular season.

Mat Robinson has made 150 assists in 509 KHL matches. He is the 17th defenseman in the KHL to register a minimum of 150 assists in the league.

Goaltender Lars Johansson earned his 40th KHL shutout, making him the championship's seventh goalkeeper to achieve this. He has followed in the footsteps of Vasily Koshechkin, Alexander Yeryomenko, Ilya Sorokin, Konstantin Barulin, Stanislav Galimov and Jakub Kovar. It's worth pointing out that Lars reached 40 KHL shutouts quicker than anyone else (137 games).

SKA - Kunlun Red Star. Match facts

Seven shutouts in one particular KHL regular season by one goalkeeper is a new SKA record. Mikko Koskinen held the previous club record after tallying six shutouts in the 2015/2016 regular season.

19-year-old Nikita Smirnov made his KHL debut. He is the 70th defenseman to compete for SKA in the league.

In his 19th match for SKA, fellow defenseman Daniil Pylenkov scored his first goal for our senior team. Moreover, this was his first winning marker in the KHL.

Defenseman Yury Pautov dished out his first assist for SKA in his 15th competitive game for our club.

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