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SKA - Lokomotiv. Press-conference

Press-conferenceAndrei NazarovSKA - Lokomotiv - 101015
HC SKA press-service

HC Lokomotiv head coach Alexei Kudashov:

- It wasn't easy for us at all today, especially in the first period. SKA began the game actively, and it was clear that the opponents moved better than us. 2:0 after the first period didn't quite show how the game went. Nevertheless our goaltender did well, and the guys showed commitment. I think that SKA's movement was better today, but we managed to close the game down and and the players' desire won the game. It wasn't our best defensive performance at all, especially during the first half.

- You have worked with Oleg Znarok beforehand. Have you taken something from his methods?

- Any coach starting out in his career takes something from previous managers with whom they have worked.

HC SKA head coach Andrei Nazarov:

- The score tells the whole story, we didn't even score one goal. We spoke before the game and knew that Lokomotiv's goaltender is probably the most in form in the league, and despite moving well with desire and shooting we failed to score. As a result we lost confidence. In the final twelve minutes we tried our best to score at least one goal, but couldn't do it. I liked our desire and movement, but sadly we lost the game.

SKA - Lokomotiv. Press-conference

- Why couldn't the team score against Alexey Murygin?

- The guys tried. We will have a discussion now, they are sitting upset in the dressing room. Such moments happy to any team when you can't score, sometimes the goaltender plays well against you. We lost confidence after shooting with no results. The players looked at each other not knowing what to do.

- Anton Belov said that today's match was hockey incompetence from SKA. What's your view?

- Anton always speaks in a self critical manner. I as a coach say that the desire was there. Anton has his own opinion. We needed to score, but failed.

- Do you think that Vyacheslav Voynov enjoyed this game?

- I don't think so.

- Did you instruct your players to provoke Lokomotiv at the end of the game?

- What provocation? The reigning champions were down 0:3, but couldn't score. Of course there would have been emotions, the guys were upset. What is wrong with fighting and playing physical when losing? Any team does that, especially when the players have ambitious. Nerves come about when you can't find the net. There's nothing special in this situation.

- Your powerplay didn't work at all.

- You need to give credit to Lokomotiv, they closed all the space down even when we tried to change things up. You lose confidence when you move well but can't score. Such games happen. The guys tried.

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