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Lokomotiv - SKA. Press-conference of game four

Press-conferenceOleg ZnarokLokomotivLokomotiv - SKA - 200318
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- It was a difficult game, both teams took a lot of penalties. This is the playoffs, no one wants to lose.

HC Lokomotiv Yaroslavl head coach Dmitry Kvartalnov:

- We didn't have a good second period. We wanted to play differently. As a direct result, we lost the match.

- Your players were full of emotion in the third period, but where were they in the second?

- We're playing against a very good team. SKA were better than us in the second period.

- Why did you take Brandon Kozun out of the line-up?

- We made that decision. He's healthy.

- Lokomotiv opened the scoring for the first time in this series. What went wrong afterwards?

- We didn't cope with the opponents. SKA controlled the tempo in the second period and improved greatly. We weren't ready.

- Will Grigory Denisenko and Nikolai Kovalenko stay here with the youth team or travel to Saint Petersburg?

- I don't know yet.

Lokomotiv - SKA. Press-conference of game four

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