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SKA - Metallurg Magnitogorsk. Press-conference

Metallurg MagnitogorskPress-conferenceAlexei KudashovSKA - Metallurg Mg - 221219
HC SKA press-service

HC Metallurg Magnitogorsk head coach llya Vorobyov:

- I congratulate SKA with their victory. They caught us on our shift changes in the second period. Overall, we can be satisfied with the first and third periods, but we don't have any points.

- SKA kept you in your own zone for six minutes in the second period.

- They caught us on the shift changes. Nevertheless, we did well during the first and third periods.

- Are you satisfied with Tomas Filippi's debut?

- He played well, but, I repeat, we don't have any points today.

- How did you feel returning to Saint Petersburg?

- It's such a beautiful city. Last season, I lived next to Palace Square, and you always feel the special atmosphere when you go out for a walk in the evening. It's a fantastic city.

HC SKA head coach Alexei Kudashov:

- It was a very tough game. It's good that we won, especially given that it was the final home game in 2019 on the club's birthday. We're happy with the victory and the fact that we made the fans happy.

- Why were all of the periods so different?

- We have to give credit to Metallurg, they made a very powerful start. It wasn't in our plan, but we had to defend. It's good that we changed the match in the second stanza.

- Artyom Zub created the two goals.

- He was aggressive in recent games too. Artyom always likes to join the rush. In modern ice hockey, defensemen should help the forwards. We're trying to give players in defence a little bit of freedom.

SKA - Metallurg Magnitogorsk. Press-conference

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