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SKA - Neftekhimik. Press-conference

NeftekhimikPress-conferenceAndrei NazarovOleg ZnarokSKA - Neftekhimik - 171017
HC SKA press-service

HC Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk head coach Andrei Nazarov:

- I congratulate my colleague with their victory, SKA showed their class. From our point of view, we looked at new line combinations. It was an interesting match, the guys tried hard. We're not first, but we're not last either. I think that SKA are playing well, we wish the club luck.

- It seemed as though your team was lacking a timeout?

- Next time, I will ask them to give us two timeouts. Can we do that, KHL? Ask questions about the game, and I will answer.

- You needed a timeout to calm your players down, they looked lost on the ice?

- Lost? You know better, you are a coach after all.

- Before the game, you called Neftekhimik a VHL club. How did the players perform?

- Can you ask a question about the game?

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- It was a tough match for us, we had to make a comeback to win the game. Despite their injuries, the opponents played really well. They have a balanced team, just like a typical Andrei Nazarov club. We will prepare for Jokerit.

SKA - Neftekhimik. Press-conference

- Pavel Datsyuk played in the third line, while Nikolai Prokhorkin was in the first. Who won out of that change?

- It's hard to say now. When we have a fresh head, we can analyse things. We tried these line combinations three games ago, and it went well. Pavel had a chance to score in this match. Overall, we don't have a first, second, third or fourth line. We have a team. At the moment, it's good that the guys have taken the leading roles themselves and are scoring.

- When will Alexander Barabanov return?

- For the match against Jokerit?

- How important is this short break for the team?

- Of course it's important, we have played five consecutive games without a break. The guys will rest tomorrow, before training in the gym on Thursday. We are sticking to the plan.

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