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SKA defeated XHL Team at the Ice Palace

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HC SKA press-service

A special 3-on-3 ice hockey match took place at the Saint Petersburg, with SKA taking on Team XHL.

The game ended with our team claiming a 5:4 victory.

Head coach Roman Rotenberg was in the first line alongside Arseniy Koromyslov and Kirill Tankov, the second line consisted of Kirill Kirsanov, Dmitry Buchelnikov and Matvei Kabush, and the third line was made up of Ivan Remezovsky, Vladislav Sapunov and Maxim Groshev.

Match protocol:

SKA - Team XHL - 5:4 (3:2, 2:1, 0:1)


1:0 Koromyslov (Tankov), 00.19

1:1 Shakov, 04.18

2:1 Rotenberg, 04.57

3:1 Kirsanov, 05.07

3:2 Shlyakhtov (Dzakhov), 06.15

4:2 Koromyslov (Rotenberg), 11.49

5:2 Tankov (Groshev), 12.27

5:3 Dzakhov (Shlyakhtov), 13.30

5:4 Dzakhov (Shlyakhtov), 16.44


SKA defeated XHL Team at the Ice Palace

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