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SKA helped Children's Hospital No.1 in the fight against coronavirus

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SKA Hockey Club has allocated funds for the purchase of medical equipment and goods for the Children's City Multidisciplinary Clinical Specialised Centre of High Medical Technologies (Children's Hospital No.1). The institution has taken maximum measures to save newborn children and offer highly qualified assistance to citizens of Saint Petersburg up to the age of 18 in accordance with the coronavirus pandemic.

The action was implemented with the support of the "Not in Vain" cancer prevention foundation. Specialists of the foundation, with the assistance of medical experts, decided what the hospital needed most in accordance with the increased workload. SKA Hockey Club helped to purchase supplies and products for anesthesiology and intensive care in order to ensure the supply of necessary materials for high technology patient care.

Deputy chairman of the SKA board of directors, Roman Rotenberg:

- The coronavirus has spread all over the world. Our country, and our city, should battle hard against this epidemic. SKA considers it to be the club's duty to help those who are fighting the infection: patients, doctors and everyone who is on the front line. This is why we turned to the "Not in Vain" foundation which has extensive experience in meeting operational tasks which are related to charity. I am convinced that our cooperation will be productive, with it consequently helping patients.

SKA helped Children's Hospital No.1 in the fight against coronavirus

Chief neonatologist of Saint Petersburg, deputy chief doctor of anesthesiology and intensive care of Saint Petersburg Healthcare Institution DGM KSTS VMT Yulia Gorelik:

- The city has developed a competent and clear program routing program for newborns from mothers who are infected with the coronavirus. Our clinic will provide support at two locations: the Botkin Hospital and an isolated intensive care unit for children with development issues on the area of the hospital at Avangardnaya, where children will be escorted to by neonatal investive care vehicles. Studies for the treatment of COVID-19 in newborns is only just starting: such a delay can be explained by the low number of clinical cases. However, among them in world practice there are quite a few cases which ended in fatal outcomes, and our main task it to minimalise them. This task requires not only the professional training of doctors, but also a large amount of medical instruments and materials. We are very grateful to SKA Hockey Club and the "Not in Vain" foundation for their help!

Executive director of the "Not in Vain" cancer prevention foundation Ilya Fomintsev:

- SKA Hockey Club is a powerful brand which is associated with Saint Petersburg, so for us it wasn't a surprise that the club approached us to pull together in the fight against coronavirus. Of course, the hospitals weren't ready to treat such a large amount of patients with pneumonia. In this situation, it's crucial that every penny is spent wisely, as to ensure that all of the money goes to the hospital and helps fight the infection. We're already doing this, and our task is to carefully dish out the collected funds. I am confident that together, we will be able to meet the needs of the hospitals. We already have experience in achieving this. Hospitals are very grateful to major brands and companies for their comprehensive support. I hope that SKA's actions will set a great example for other sporting organisations in different regions.

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