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SKA assisted Children's City Hospital No.5 in the fight against coronavirus

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SKA Hockey Club allocated funds for the purchase of medical equipment and material to Children's City Hospital No.5 in Saint Petersburg, one of the main medical centres in this particular region of Russia.

The institution has taken maximum measures to saw newborn children and to provide highly qualified assistance to all residents of the North West Federal District who are under the age of 18.

SKA Hockey Club assisted the purchasing of personal protective equipment for doctors and the necessary medical equipment (computers, tablets, communication radios for discussions between zones of the hospital).

Deputy chairman of the SKA Board of Directors, Roman Rotenberg:

- Thanks to the unbelievable efforts of our doctors and the social restrictions which are in place, we have managed to cope with the first wave of the coronavirus. I want to believe that soon the virus will die down, but we need to continue to look after our health and the health of people around us. The doctors are on the front line of the battle against coronavirus, and they need help. The purchasing of required equipment and individual protection equipment will consequently allow the doctors to work even better during this tough period.

SKA assisted Children's City Hospital No.5 in the fight against coronavirus

Head doctor of Children's City Hospital No.5 in Saint Petersburg, Lyudmila Isankina:

- We're living in difficult times at the moment, but these difficulties have brought our city together: the administration, the medical departments, business representatives, sport. Everyone has come together in order to help doctors. The only way to overcome these complications is to work together and remember the principles of cooperation. We really appreciate the support shown by HC SKA. This support will help us offer top-level medical care to our young patients, even during this challenging period.

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