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SKA participated in the 2022 Tsarskoe Selo Marathon

Andrei Tochitsky
HC SKA press-service

Employees of SKA Hockey Club participated in the 2022 Tsarskoe Selo Marathon, the most beautiful race which takes place on the homeland of Russian athletics.

The race - which passes through the streets of Pushkin - has been held since 2019. This year, more than five thousand people participated in the event. Furthermore, for the first time, the Saint Petersburg Half Marathon Championship was held as a part of the 2022 Tsarskoe Selo Marathon.

10 SKA employees - including executive director Andrei Tochitsky participated in the marathon. As a part of the SKA Healthy Lifestyle project, club employees regularly compete in such events.

The Tsarskoe Selo Marathon is organised by the Pushkin Run organisation, which organises various events in Pushkin and Saint Petersburg. This includes the Pushkin - Saint Petersburg run which is the oldest running event in Russia.

SKA participated in the 2022 Tsarskoe Selo Marathon

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