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SKA purchased tablets for pupils of Saint Petersburg schools

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On April 6, school children in Saint Petersburg switched to learning from home. However, almost 17,000 families in the city don't have a computer or tablet at home, so the Saint Petersburg Administration created a #неканикулы charity project in order to provide students with the necessary equipment.

SKA Hockey Club has joined the project by acquiring 120 tablets and transferring them to the Commitee of Education which will distribute them among educational instutions of Saint Petersburg. In total, there are 510,000 school children in our city, and they will continue studying away from schools until April 30. You can also join the #неканикулы project by calling the Committee of Education's hotline at 8 (812) 576–34–37 between 09:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday. Employees of the centre will subsequently speak with you concerning the collection of the eqiupment and dish it out among the children who need it.

Deputy chairman of the SKA Board of Directors, Roman Rotenberg:

- As a consequence of the epidemic, both students and teachers have been given a new challenge, and not everyone was prepared for it having not been in the possession of the required technology. The education process shouldn't stop, we want all pupils to continue learning in these new conditions. Members of the SKA Academy are fully learning from home. SKA is happy to join the #неканикулы project and help citizens of our city who require technology. It's important that everyone, considering their respective possibilities, make good deeds and help people.

SKA purchased tablets for pupils of Saint Petersburg schools

Chairman of the Committee of Education of the Saint Petersburg Administration, Zhanna Vorobyova:

- We are grateful to the citizens of Saint Petersburg who responded to the appeal made by the city's government to take part in the #неканикулы project. In the space of only a few days, the Committee of Education's hotline received more than 200 calls from caring people who expressed their willingless to help families who don't have computers for learning from home. Many large companies, organisations and public associations have displayed social responsibility. We are happy to see that SKA Hockey Club is one of them. Together, we have already been able to guarantee that thousands of children will have the required technology. Now they are able to learn from home using the latest modern technology.

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