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SKA - Salavat Yulaev. Press-conference

Salavat YulaevPress-conferenceIlya VorobyovSKA - Salavat Yulaev - 080918
HC SKA press-service

HC Salavat Yulaev Ufa head coach Nikolai Tsulygin:

- From our point of view, it was an excellent game in which the opponents started well. However, in the first period, we didn't make any mistakes while SKA dominated and were solid in defence. Yes, we conceded one goal, but that didn't give Saint Petersburg a large advantage. Later on, we took advantage of our powerplays and held on in the closing moments. Despite this being the fourth away match, the guys didn't make any mistakes and claimed the win. Thank you our fans here for the support.

- Is this a coach's victory?

- It's a team victory. The guys gave everything.

- A few of your players, for example Vyacheslav Solodukhin and Anton Nazarevich, have connections with Saint Petersburg. Did you feel their desire?

- All players wanted to fight and earn the victory.

HC SKA head coach Ilya Vorobyov:

- Congratulations to Salavat Yulaev and thank you to the supporters for coming to the stadium today. Unfortunately, we registered 40 shots on goal, but only scored once. We spent around one period completely in the attacking zone, however the opposing goalkeeper refused to be beaten. We will work on our end product.

SKA - Salavat Yulaev. Press-conference

- You failed to score more than one goal despite having so many shots. Was this done to a psychological factor?

- This is an aspect which we will work on too.

- Were the players lacking game time following the previous match on Monday?

- Maybe it played a role, but you cannot win matches with just one goal.

- All of Salavat's defensemen were right handed. Did you point this out?

- Yes.

- When will Nail Yakupov return to the roster?

- When he recovers, he will come back.

- This is the third match when Anton Belov didn't play. Is he injured?

- We have enough defensemen in the team, Anton is preparing.

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