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SKA - Sibir. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC Sibir Novosibirsk head coach Nikolai Zavarukhin:

- We knew that the opponents had problems with the roster. We need to give SKA credit, they have the best young players. I am very happy that we managed to win, I want to thank the guys for their efforts.

- Were you disappointed that Sibir played on the back foot?

- The opponents had a lot of shots because we earned penalties in the second period. Our aim was to display effective ice hockey in order to achieve a positive result.

- SKA won the vast majority of the faceoffs.

- They have good centre forwards like Miro Aaltonen and Ivan Morozov who made the difference in this aspect. We will work hard to improve.

HC SKA senior coach Andrei Kozyrev:

- A lot of players from the SKA system made their respective debuts today. It was an excellent performance by our young players, they displayed their potential. Unfortunately, we couldn't take advantage of a lot of scoring opportunities. Furthermore, I want to speak about Mikhail Berdin, he kept us in the game.

SKA - Sibir. Press-conference

- Roman Rotenberg made his coaching debut on the bench.

- Yes, Roman helped us on the bench. As you saw, we also had other new coaches. We are searching for options to strengthen our coaching staff, so Roman helped us. He had an earpiece attached to him as he received information from our analytical staff. During the match, we made tactical changes in accordance to what was happening on the ice. He was fully focused on the game.

- Sibir allowed SKA to play on the front foot, especially in the second period.

- This goes to show just how well the SKA system is working, our young players had the chance to display their capabilities in a KHL match. They are playing a key role for us.

- How many players in the SKA team are currently unwell? And will you field another young line-up against Ak Bars Kazan?

- We will play with a young team, yes. I won't say how many players are ill.

- Goalkeeper Mikhail Berdin played straight after signing his contract. However, where is Vladislav Kamenev?

- Vladislav's health is fine, he is training in accordance with an individual program. This is because he hadn't skated for a very long time. When he is in shape, he will help us. As you saw, Mikhail settled straight away. Yes, he also hadn't trained for a long time, but he was great today.

- Who gave the pre-match team talk?

- I did.

- Would you agree that Marat Khusnutdinov is more ready for the KHL than anyone else out of the young players?

- He's not the only one. As you can see, we can field any of our young players with confidence. You will see more of our young, talented players in future matches.

- How is Valery Bragin? Do you have contact with him at the moment?

- We are in constant contact throughout the day. He is supporting us and forming the line-up alongside us. Valery is fully involved in the process. His condition is stable, he will soon be back.

- SKA-Neva have more experienced players, but you decided to play with SKA-1946 players instead.

- I know a lot of the players from my work with SKA-1946 and the under 17 Russian national team. However, we do also have SKA-Neva players, for example Artyom Nikolaev. He replaced Kirill Marchenko in the first line really well. More players from SKA-Neva will participate in the coming games.

- Is age the only thing stopping Matvey Michkov from making his KHL debut?

- Yes, it's too early for him yet. However, he is playing really well in the MHL, he's performing brilliantly and scoring plenty of goals. We will have to wait to see him in the KHL.

- Were you surprised to see SKA dominate the faceoffs and register more shots on target than Sibir?

- Our young players are fantastic, you can see this for yourselves. We're confident that they will improve in subsequent games. Can we ask them to focus on defence more? The fact that we competed in an aggressive manner allowed us to dominate for long periods. We will continue in the same way!

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