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SKA - Severstal - 4:3 OT

Match reportSeverstalSKA - Severstal - 171219
HC SKA press-service

In Saint Petersburg, SKA launched a dramatic comeback against HC Severstal Cherepovets at the Ice Palace, recovering from a three-goal deficit to earn a thrilling 4:3 overtime triumph.

Everything went wrong at the start.

Flying out of the blocks, Severstal promptly took a two-goal lead through Vadim Kudako and Vladislav Kodola, before Makar Khabarov extended the advantage to three in the second period. Magnus Hellberg subsequently was pulled in favour of Alexander Samonov.

SKA came roaring back in the third frame. Anton Burdasov, Vladimir Tkachyov and Lukas Bengtsson all scored wonderful goals, before Maxim Karpov grabbed the winner in the ensuing extra five minutes!

SKA, boasting 12 consecutive KHL wins, will now prepare to face HC CSKA Moscow in the Russian Classic on Thursday at the Gazprom Arena.

Match protocol:

SKA - Severstal - 4:3 OT (0:2, 0:1, 3:0, 1:0)


0:1 Kudako (Yakovlev), 05.59

0:2 Kodola (Vovchenko, Geraskin), 18.40

0:3 Khabarov (Vovchenko, Kodola), 30.17

1:3 Burdasov (Kuzmenko), 41.58

2:3 Tkachyov (Khafizullin, Zub), 52.21

3:3 Bengtsson (Barabanov, Tkachyov), 57.48

4:3 Karpov (Ozhiganov, Ketov), 62.08

Goalkeepers: Hellberg/Samonov - Shostak

Shots on target: 32 - 25

Faceoffs: 30 - 26

Hits: 22 - 11

Penalty minutes: 0 - 0

Referees: Belyaev, Bondar

Linesmen: Antonov, Osipov


SKA - Severstal - 4:3 OT

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