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SKA - Severstal. Press-conference of game two

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HC SKA press-service

HC Severstal Cherepovets head coach Alexander Gulyavtsev:

- I cannot blame my guys. They are playing against Russia's best team. We will prepare for the home matches, my players did a good job.

- Why didn't Pavel Chernov play today?

- He has a temperature. Nevertheless, I think he will be ready for our home games. We will see how he feels physically.

- Will we see Evgeny Mons on the ice?

- Probably, that's a question for Evgeny Mons to answer. For me, all of the guys are on a level footing. I can't blame Evgeny, but at the moment, he isn't sticking to our requirements.

- Do you have enough energy and quality to win a game in Cherepovets?

- We will keep working. If Oleg Znarok will let me say this, we are playing against the Russian national team which became Olympic champions. It's a chance for our guys to prove something. They are getting a great experience, most of them haven't competed in the KHL playoffs before. We will draw conclusions.

SKA - Severstal. Press-conference of game two

- At training, do you need to pay a lot of attention to special teams?

- We take advantage of 16% of our powerplays, while SKA score on 60% of theirs. It's tough, but we want to play without taking penalties. When the opposing teams have players like Pavel Datsyuk and Ilya Kovalchuk, they use their goalscoring chances.

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- The playoffs are always difficult, no matter who you are playing against. It was tough at first, but it's good that we began scoring goals. We will prepare for the next game.

- Why did you make changes to the roster?

- Some feel ill, while others are injured.

- The first period wasn't great from SKA. Why?

- It's hard to say. We will look at the video.

- Harijs Vitolins stated that Sergei Kalinin would miss the first round, but he's playing in these matches.

- It's because Sergei Plotnikov doesn't feel good.

- Maybe Roman Rukavishnikov and Dinar Khafizullin will participate in this series?

- No, they won't.

- Are you and the players struggling after the Olympic Games?

- We are people after all. At the Olympic Games, the players gave everything. It's tough.

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