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SKA - Severstal. Press-conference

Press-conferenceValeri BraginSKA - Severstal - 291121
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- We needed to score more than one goal. We had good chances, but we couldn't take advantage of them. Severstal used their opportunities.

- What happened to Oscar Fantenberg?

- It's hard to say right now, maybe it's a bruise. He will undergo medical examinations tomorrow. We don't have enough defensemen? Daniil Pylenkov is ready to play, and we have the option to call players up from our VHL team.

- Did the break after beating Ak Bars Kazan in Tatarstan affect you?

- Yes. We played better in the third period, but that's not an excuse. We didn't use our chances to score goals.

- 16-year-old Matvei Michkov unleashed more shots on goal than your leading players did.

- He is really pumped up when on the ice. In the closing stages, he almost scored a goal when taking aim from behind the net. I would like that same kind of approach from our other players.

SKA - Severstal. Press-conference

- Why did you take Kirill Marchenko out of the game?

- We weren't happy with his performance level.

- Did you expect Severstal to compete in this attacking manner?

- Yes, we expected this. They are in good shape, and we had analysed how they play. Severstal are a hard-working, well-coached team, we can see why they are one of the leading teams in the KHL.

HC Severstal Cherepovets head coach Andrei Razin:

- I had read that we hadn't won in Saint Petersburg for 10 years. First of all, I want to congratulate the guys and the fans with this victory. We played well in defence, our penalty killing was solid and we scored on the powerplay. It means a lot to beat SKA on the road.

- Artyom Chmykhov returned to your team after a long spell out. What did you make of his performance?

- Considering that he had been on the sidelines for a long time with an injury, he did well. He played with confidence.

- Nikita Guslistov will now join up with the junior Russian national team.

- This is a big loss for us, he is always on the ice a lot. Nevertheless, no one is irreplacable. We will consider our options.

- Taking into account how Severstal are moving up the table, you are going to receive more attention from fans and the media. How will you be able to cope with this extra pressure?

- I am only happy for people to pay more attention to us, it's great. However, as coaches, our task is to keep the players' feet on the ground. We will draw conclusions when the season has finished.

- SKA are the best team in the KHL concerning second periods. Did you focus on this?

- We worked on our approach during training sessions. I think that we played well, apart from a couple of mistakes everything went to plan.

- Defenseman Ilya Khokhlov made a lot of crucial blocks today.

- We will see how he feels tomorrow after medical examinations. In our team, everyone blocks shots and fights for each other.

- Andrei Alexeev was in the first line.

- This was his third game in the first line, and we had a feeling that he would score. I know him from Izhstal Izhevsk, he is a guy who always works hard. No matter which line you put him in, he will always be prepared to play.

- This is third consecutive match in which your powerplay has worked.

- Our powerplay units have stayed the same apart from one player who is injured. We have started to score with our shots, but in previous games we also had opportunities.

- A lot of people think that the wage cap is helping Severstal perform so successfully.

- The main structure of this team has been in place for four years now. The guys are used to what I demand from them and the system we have in place. I am really happy with the atmosphere within the group, these players are prepared to fight so hard for each other. This is why we are doing well, not the wage cap.

- Has it become easier to prevent your leading players from changing teams?

- Some players have left, but we've managed to replace them. We have a very hungry team. Plus, given that our players are mainly either 24 or 25 years of age, they recover from injuries quickly. This is also a good thing.

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