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SKA - Severstal. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- I would like to congratulate everyone with Hockey Day! The opponents have their backs up against the wall, so we knew that they were going to do everything in order to win. Their task is to qualify for the playoffs. Severstal fought as hard as they could, they competed with real commitment. We didn't play at our best, but our guys did a great job and we're happy that we earned the victory in overtime. I would like to thank the fans for their fantastic support and the players for their efforts.

- SKA seemed to struggle in the first and third periods.

- Severstal blocked a lot of pucks. It was the game of their lives, they created a lot of difficulties for us which we had to overcome. The guys responded to the serious conversation which we had in our dressing room after the opening stanza. We won the two faceoff draws in overtime, which consequently allowed us to control possession. We asked the players only to shoot if we have a clear opportunity to score.

SKA - Severstal. Press-conference

HC Severstal Cherepovets head coach Andrei Razin:

- I don't think that we ruined the Hockey Day celebrations, there were a lot of goals, chances and great plays. Unfortunately, we committed one more mistake than SKA. We've been conceding far too many goals this season when competing on the powerplay, goals which are usually crucial. Nevertheless, had someone told me before the match that we would earn a point, I would have been satisfied. I'm disappointed though that we wasted a big opportunity to win it late in the third period.

- Why did you sign Nikita Rozhkov on a tryout agreement?

- To be honest, I've barely seen him play. I spoke with my colleagues before we signed him, and they told me that he's a good player. His agent made the deal happen.

- Rozhkov scored the goal in the third period which allowed you to take away a point. Has he made a big step towards earning a full contract?

- Yes, a huge step.

- Severstal conceded three markers in the second period. Was this because you lost concentration?

- This has been going on throughout the entire season so far. We often attack a lot during second periods of games, but we always seem to end up conceding instead of scoring. How can I explain the mistake which was committed for SKA's second goal? For the third SKA marker, we chucked the puck towards our own zone instead of shooting. The opponents managed to complete a shift change, and the play ended with them scoring a goal. These are mistakes which children make. Such a strong opponent like SKA will punish you.

- Alexander Samonov was in net for you today, but SKA didn't use Vladislav Podyapolsky.

- SKA have other goalkeeping options, but we don't at the moment.

HC SKA defenseman Alexander Nikishin:

- Yes, it was a difficult game for us, but we need matches like this. The fact that we took a lot of penalties meant that we were able to work on our PK.

- You are enjoying a really productive campaign. What's your secret?

- My secret is to simply hit the target! My teammates are giving me great passes, that's all.

- SKA are playing every two days, and now you will have an away series. Do you loved ones ever see you?

- My family is in Moscow, so there's not a problem. We're in the Western Conference, so we often play in Moscow. Plus my family often travel here.

HC SKA forward Nikita Komarov:

- We took a lot of penalties today. It was a tough match in terms of our emotions, but thankfully we managed to win.

- Did your shorthanded goal give the team some well-needed emotion?

- Of course it did! Especially given that we were 1:2 down at the time, that goal gave us a wave of positive energy which helped us further down the line.

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