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SKA - Sochi. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg:

- We're happy that we managed to win at home. Our guys followed the game plan, I can't remember when we registered 57 shots on target! We competed with desire and energy. Sochi's goalkeeper was excellent, he's young and has great reactions. We had to invest a lot of energy into our goals. We will now work on our mistakes before the next match.

- Why did SKA struggle at the start of the third period?

- We lost concentration. It was difficult for our goaltender, he didn't have a lot of work to do in the first two frames. Sochi took advantage of their powerplay to get back to within one. Nevertheless, we subsequently started scoring goals again and improved when required.

- On the first of December, when SKA will host Cherepovets, Hockey Day is celebrated in Russia.

- Ice hockey is our whole life! We will try to make the supporters happy with our performance on the ice.

- How difficult was it to motivate your players to play Sochi, who are in last position?

SKA - Sochi. Press-conference

- We're not paying attention to the standings. Instead, we simply prepare for each individual game. Sochi have a young, determined team full of young players who play quick ice hockey. The entire match was contested at a high pace. It wasn't difficult to motivate our players, the fact that we registered 57 shots on target proves that we played with desire. I can't remember when we hit the target on 57 occasions before! However, it's all about quality, not quantity. We have to play better in defence and be more ruthless in front of goal.

- What planet did Nikita Gusev move to SKA from?

- From Earth! Although he didn't go through pre-season with us, he worked in accordance with our training program. We were in constant contact. Nikita is playing really well, we can see the results of our efforts. Nonetheless, we have a lot of work ahead of us, there are improvements to be made.

- When the score was 2:0, there was a long break as a consequence of a video review concerning a possible Sochi goal. Did that affect your team?

- We have professional players in our team, we didn't have any problems in this regard.

- Taking into account that Vladislav Podyapolsky used to play for Severstal, will he be on the ice for you against Cherepovets on Thursday?

- We always reveal the line-up an hour before the match is scheduled to begin. Vladislav was solid today, this is his first win as a SKA player. We will compete with our best team against Severstal.

- Why is Marat Khusnutdinov playing so well at the moment? Does he have some kind of special motivation?

- All of our players are full of motivation. As coaches, our task is to find the right words. Marat is progressing, he has huge potential. Everything is down to hard work and discipline.

HC Sochi head coach Sergei Svetlov:

- It was a fast match. Against such a strong team like SKA, I think that we played well and created quite a few opportunities to score. The game was on a knife's edge at 2:3, but we're going through a learning process at the moment. A lot of our players are making their first steps in the KHL after progressing through the MHL. SKA always punish your mistakes, they're a top team. We can see that we have potential.

- Will you celebrate Hockey Day on Thursday?

- We can't think about any celebrations right now, we're having to cope with our own challenges! We don't even have enough time to watch the FIFA World Cup on television.

HC SKA forward Marat Khusnutdinov:

- It was a tricky game for us. Mistakes were committed, they consequently allowed Sochi back in the match. However, we subsequently managed to use our scoring chances and saw the game out successfully. We worked well as a team.

- Was it difficult to find motivation to play Sochi? They're bottom of the KHL table.

- We don't care who we play against. Regardless of our opponents, we should always earn our two points.

- Your line earned plenty of points in the first and third periods. What happened in the second?

- The long break for Sochi's video review took its toll. In the second break, we were shown where we could improve.

HC SKA forward Vasily Glotov:

- We created a lot of chances and competed with aggression. On the other hand, though, we have to play better on the penalty kill and start second periods more confidently.

- You are one of SKA's leaders when it comes to faceoffs. What is your secret?

- It's down to constant hard work. Our coaches are always giving us advice, and we practice faceoffs a lot during our training sessions. I often practice faceoffs against Marat! In this game, we managed to win the majority of the duels which allowed us to control possession.

- Hockey Day is celebrated on Thursday. What would you like to say to SKA's fans?

- There is always a superb atmosphere inside the Ice Palace! Take your whole family to the arena. Also, I would like even more people to join the group of fans who stand behind the goal and cheer us on with their chants.

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