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SKA - Spartak. Press-conference

Press-conferenceValeri BraginSKA - Spartak - 201221
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a good performance today, the guys worked hard throughout the full 60 minutes and I think that we deserved to win. It was an excellent second period from us. However, we needed to score more goals. As a result of conceding an avoidable second marker, it was a tense third frame.

- How satisfied are you with the physical shape of the players, taking into account that some played during the international break while others only trained?

- The players from the national team are in good shape as a consequence of playing in games. Everyone worked for the result today, I don't have any issues.

- Why did the two teams concede goals during the closing seconds of both of the first two periods?

- For our goal, we managed to score on the rebound. The goal which we conceded in the second period was disappointing from our point of view.

- The last time when SKA conceded more than two goals in a match was on November 29. Considering that your leading defensemen have been injured, how have you achieved this?

SKA - Spartak. Press-conference

- The SKA system is working effectively, the players from the VHL understand our tactics immediately.

- When will Oscar Fantenberg, Igor Ozhiganov and Stepan Falkovsky return to action?

- Oscar will soon be back, but I can't say anything about the latter two.

- How would you rate Mikko Lehtonen's performance?

- He worked well.

HC Spartak Moscow head coach Boris Mironov:

- It was a good game following the international break. We paid for the penalties which we took, though, you cannot commit fouls when playing against such a quality team like SKA. We made mistakes as a result of our emotions running high.

- You conceded two goals during the concluding minutes of the first period. Why?

- We committed errors despite having analysed the opponents. Before the match, we had explained to our players how SKA play on the powerplay. We then lost our concentration for their second goal, we thought that the frame was already over. These things happen, it's ice hockey.

- What happened to Spartak in the second stanza?

- Our bench was far away from our own zone, we needed to make better shift changes as to ensure that the players weren't going to become too tired. However, I liked our performance in the third period, we should have scored two goals to equalise.

- Defenseman Alexander Nikishin played in all four of the December Euro Hockey Tour games. Is he coping with the challenging schedule?

- It's difficult for him, he only arrived in Saint Petersburg from the national team late last night. I wouldn't set a schedule of playing in five games across just six days.

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