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SKA - Spartak. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC Spartak Moscow head coach Oleg Znarok:

- It was a good game, I liked how my team played. I congratulate us with our victory.

- Was this Spartak's best performance of the campaign?

- We always want to play better. It's impossible to compete without mistakes, there were errors today too. Nevertheless, overall I am happy with the performance. We managed to score an early goal.

- Why did Dmitry Vishnevsky manage to dish out three assists?

- I haven't spoken with him yet, I went to the press-conference straight away.

- Spartak have picked up points in six consecutive games. Are you moving out of the crisis?

- We're trying to move out of this situation. There are problems, some players are injured, but our young guys are doing really well.

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- The opponents were fresher and better in the challenge today. We were lacking energy, so this is why we have this result.

SKA - Spartak. Press-conference

- Why did your players continue playing so calmly for the whole match?

- In the dressing room, we tried to change the tide and find different options.

- Despite this being an important match, your players seemed to play without commitment and preparation.

- We had spoken about the importance of this game beforehand. The players looked great in the morning, we were expecting a good, aggressive game, but it didn't happen.

- When will Yaroslav Askarov and Alexander Samonov return?

- They're training, but this is just the first stage after their illness.

- You barely had any shots today.

- We have to be better on both creases. We will analyse a lot of things.

- Is Mikhail Maltsev still a SKA player?

- Yes, he's training.

- It seemed as though SKA had no emotions. How will you fix this?

- We have a few days before the next match. We'll try to save energy.

- How does Vladimir Tkachyov feel?

- The doctors will discover what happened.

- Your first line conceded three goals today. Didn't you want to change the lines?

- We constantly changed our lines today, searching for different options.

- Was this SKA's worst performance of the season?

- Yes, I think so.

- Where is Anton Burdasov?

- He's injured.

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