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SKA - Torpedo. Press-conference of Game Five

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HC SKA press-service

HC Torpedo head coach Peteris Skudra:

- I congratulate Saint Petersburg and Vyacheslav Bykov with the victory. It was an interesting match today, and I think that the fans enjoyed it. We let ourselves down for five minutes in the first period, and the opponents scored well. In the second frame we had opportunities, but the lack of a goal put paid to our chances of winning. The guys tried though, and there was commitment today. The whole series our profligacy ruined our game. We should give the opponents their due - they defended great, and Mikko Koskinen performed well. We had to score when it was needed, but we couldn't. As a result we are out.

- Ten years ago you were a goalkeeper in Vyacheslav Bykov's team. Did this have any psychological effect?

- I haven't played for a long time, to be honest I have forgotten. I have been a coach for four years, so all of my concentration is dedicated to this. But of course it's great, that I have experience of working with Vyacheslav. I don't even need to speak about his qualities. If we speak about my playing career, then I always try to understand why I am doing what I am. During my time with CSKA, I learnt something. I always try to take something useful away with me from the teams with whom I have worked.

- Was it disappointing to get a penalty for too many men on the ice at the end?

- These are the things that prevented us from winning this series. We had such a moment at home, when we had a five on three but picked up a silly penalty. In the regular season one game hangs on that, in the playoffs a whole series. These components stopped us from extending the series by a couple of games.

SKA - Torpedo. Press-conference of Game Five

HC SKA head coach Vyacheslav Bykov:

- I congratulate everyone with progressing to the next round. I would also like to say thank you to Peteris and his team for making us work to our maximum. The second game in the series became a lesson for us. Our mindset was great today, and everyone played excellently. I can point out my goaltender, but also the whole team in general.

- Before the series, hockey experts said that Torpedo can annoy SKA by fighting hard. What expectations did you have, and how do you feel now?

- Torpedo are a very serious opponent, and we fought in every game - including the second. The fact that Torpedo beat Dynamo Moscow before the playoffs shows what they are made of. They have an aggressive team which plays modern hockey, however Peteris is better positioned to speak about his own team. We respected them, and as a result we got pumped up. They really did battle hard, as we have a lot of scars to show.

- It looked as though Ilya Kovalchuk wasn't his normal self.

- Ilya played well today, just like everyone else. Even if he didn't score, it doesn't mean that he wasn't himself. We all want him to score, he wants it too, but we need to judge him on the overall team's game.

- A lot of people remember how Ivan Kasutin played for SKA. Did you remember any of his weaknesses?

- Ivan played for SKA, yes, and we know Mikhail Biryukov from the Russian national team. These are professional players, who do not rest on their laurels. We have seen how they are playing and progressing. We studied them in detail, however every match is different.

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