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SKA - Torpedo. Press-conference

Press-conferenceOleg ZnarokSKA - Torpedo - 041117
HC SKA press-service

HC Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod head coach Peteris Skudra:

- I congratulate SKA with their victory. It was a tough game, but the atmosphere was so good it made out players try until the end. Thanks to our players for giving their all even when the score was 2:4. There are a lot of positive things to come out of this game, we scored four goals when 5 on 5 and played well. However, we needed to play well in defence and be patient. I think that we achieved those things. When we had a chance to play a bit with the puck, the guys did a great job.

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- We played a lot better than with Spartak. Unfortunately, we gave one point away, we made individual mistakes which have to be improved on. I congratulate my team with the victory. There is no time to rest, the whole team will go to the Russian national teams. We always have this atmosphere at the stadium.

- Peteris Skudra: - You're lucky.

- The entire team will go to national teams. However, when you come back, SKA have to travel to the Far East.

- The situation is difficult.

SKA - Torpedo. Press-conference

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