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SKA - Traktor. Match facts

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This was SKA's 100th penalty shootout in history, with our players having won 55 of them and lost 45. Overall, SKA players have converted 154 of their 418 penalty shot attempts, while the opponents have recorded 136 shootout goals from 418 attempts. 47 of the 89 players who have taken a penalty shot for SKA have scored at least once.

29 different players have won penalty shootouts for SKA. Maxim Sushinsky secured eight shootouts victories for SKA, while Nils Ekman, Nikita Gusev and Kirill Marchenko have won four for our organisation. Moreover, Marchenko has converted seven of his nine shootout attempts (77.7%), the highest percentage among SKA players who have taken at least five penalty shots.

SKA have indeed defeated 23 of the 29 opponents in penalty shootouts.

19-year-old Yaroslav Askarov became the 15th SKA goalkeeper to win a shootout. Igor Shestyorkin (10) won more shootouts for SKA than any other goaltender.

Valeri Bragin has now won 50 of 77 games as SKA head coach. 39 arrived in regulation, seven in overtime and four in penalty shootouts with a positive goal difference of 230-160. Valeri is the seventh SKA coach in the KHL to earn a minimum of 50 victories, following in the footsteps of Vyacheslav Bykov (57), Ilya Vorobyov (60), Milos Riha (66), Jukka Jalonen (69), Barry Smith (76) and Oleg Znarok (114).

SKA - Traktor. Match facts

For the eighth time in 924 KHL matches, SKA recovered from a three-goal deficit to equalise. The seventh occasion had been witnessed just this Monday against Vityaz in Podolsk (5:6 SO).

Before this game, forward Anton Burdasov (6+4) had picked up points in six matches in a row, matching his previous best in the KHL.

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