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Game four. SKA - CSKA. Press-conference

CSKAPress-conferenceValeri BraginSKA - CSKA - 080421
HC SKA press-service

HC CSKA Moscow head coach Igor Nikitin:

- In what areas were SKA better than you today?

- First of all, they had more desire than us.

- Were your players not focused for the match?

- We relaxed a little bit. We're competing against a good team, we require full concentration in every game.

- CSKA's movement wasn't good.

- As I have already said, we didn't play with concentration today, that's why we made mistakes on the ice. There's no secret to tell, we simply have to work hard in order to play ice hockey. We tried to play without working hard today, but you can't do that.

- Your players seemed to be afraid of the puck in the first period, it was bouncing a lot.

- This is the semi-finals, who is afraid? One team plays better ice hockey than the other. Today, SKA were better.

Game four. SKA - CSKA. Press-conference

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- This was a good performance from us. We had full commitment on the ice, with our players blocking a lot of shots. It was a complete game.

- What were the key differences in comparison to the previous three matches in the series?

- We were a lot better tactically. We also had opportunities in the attacking zone, the guys deserved the victory.

- Did you want to compete in a simple manner?

- I wouldn't say that. We asked the guys to play solidly inside the defensive zone.

- How long did it take for you to pick today's line-up?

- It took a long time to make this decision.

- It was a surprise to see young forward Vladislav Tsitsyura on the ice three minutes before the end of the third period.

- He was on the ice because he is an excellent player in defence.

- Coach Lars Johansson was on the bench today. Why?

- Daniel Bochner is ill.

- Why isn't Miro Aaltonen playing in these playoffs?

- He is training. By the way, there was recently a new arrival in his family. Miro is ready, but today we decided to play with this line-up.

- SKA's powerplay isn't working in this series. What is the main problem?

- We are working on this component in our training sessions. Hopefully, our powerplay will improve in the next match.

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