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SKA - CSKA. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC CSKA Moscow head coach Igor Nikitin:

- It was a tough game, we made a lot of mistakes which we subsequently compensated for. The guys showed their character, and in the third period we began competing in the correct manner. We're happy with this victory.

- When you speak about mistakes, are you aiming those words at Konstantin Okulov?

- Konstantin made the most obvious error, but we lost the puck 15 times overall during the first two periods. Psychologically, it's hard to turn such games around.

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- It was a good, physical match, it felt like the playoffs. Both teams had the advantage at different times of the game. CSKA scored the goal in overtime to win.

- It was a good match, but SKA have now lost four in a row.

- The playoffs aren't far away, we're preparing for them. The players in the best condition are on the ice. We will try to win the next match.

SKA - CSKA. Press-conference

- How are the guys who competed at the World Junior Championship in Canada?

- They feel fine psychologically, but physically they're a bit tired as a result of the time difference. The movement of Maxim Groshev and Kirill Kirsanov was good today, though.

- Alexander Samonov is good at saving shots at close range, but he concedes goals from attempts at a further distance.

- I don't think the players are worried about this.

- Why didn't Vladimir Tkachyov play?

- The best players at this moment in time are on the ice.

- Why did you give CSKA the initiative in the third period?

- After we took penalties, they managed to play on the front foot.

- Kirill Kirsanov was on the ice in the decisive moments.

- He did well today.

- Why was the first period so defensive?

- The opponents had a small advantage, they were aggressive in the opening shifts. We subsequently adapted to their speed.

- Are you feeling the pressure with this poor run of results?

- Of course. Defeats add pressure for any team. We simply have to win the next game.

- Why did Emil Galimov play on the left wing?

- Malte Stromwall was on the right. Emil said that he doesn't matter which flank he plays on.

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