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SKA-Varyagi will play in the MHL

HC SKA press-service

In the 2018/2019 MHL season, SKA-Varyagi, a team part of the SKA system, will participate in the championship. Players of the SKA-Serebryanie Livy team will join the club including SKA-Varyagi figures which featured in the 2017/2018 NMHL campaign.

Both schools remain a part of the SKA Academy, the changes only concern the teams which compete in the MHL.

The decision concerning SKA-Varyagi and SKA-Serebryanie Livy was made in connection with the goal of developing the players' individual qualities, making them more competitive in the MHL and improving the cooperation between SKA Academy teams.

In the MHL, SKA-Varyagi will represent Leningrad Region. However, SKA-Varyagi will train at the Hockey City complex, where optimal facilities for player development have been installed. SKA-Varyagi will play their MHL matches both in Morozov (HORS Ice Arena) and at Hockey City (Saint Petersburg).

SKA-Varyagi will play in the MHL

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