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SKA - Vityaz. Presenting the opponents

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Playing their debut season in 2000, Vityaz are one of the KHL's youngest clubs. The first game between SKA and Vityaz was on the 27th of September 2000 in Saint Petersburg, a match which Vityaz won 3:2. Interestingly, Valery Belov, the current Vityaz head coach, scored the first goal in that fixture.

Despite Vityaz winning that particular game, they were relegated in that season, losing to SKA in a series to avoid the drop.

During their brief history, Vityaz have switched between Podolsk and Chekhov as their home cities. Currently, Vityaz base themselves in the former.

Before this season, Vityaz had never qualified for the KHL playoffs.

In Russian championships, SKA and Vityaz have played against each other 31 times. SKA have 18 regulation victories and four on penalty shots. On the other hand, Vityaz have earned eight regulation wins and one in a shootout. SKA have a +35 goal difference of 107-72.

At this moment in time, SKA have twelve consecutive victories against Vityaz.

Six most interesting matches against Vityaz:

SKA - Vityaz. Presenting the opponents

- 4th of October 2008, SKA - Vityaz - 1:0 SO. The only match where SKA have failed to score against Vityaz over the course of 65 minutes.

- 15th of January 2009, Vityaz - SKA - 5:4. SKA's first regulation defeat to Vityaz, in which the winning goal was scored 03:10 before the final buzzer.

- 10th of January 2011, SKA - Vityaz - 4:5 SO. Before the game, World Junior Championship winners Georgy Berdyukov, Dmitry Shikin and Artemiy Panarin (then a Vityaz player) were congratulated.

- 9th of January 2012, SKA - Vityaz - 7:0. Vityaz head coach Andrei Nazarov sent Ivan Larin on to fight Evgeny Artyukhin just five seconds in.

- 25th of November 2012, SKA - Vityaz - 4:3. Despite SKA recovering from a two deficit to win, Milos Riha was fired from his position as head coach immediately afterwards.

- 27th of September 2014, SKA - Vityaz - 7:1. In the final ten minutes, Evgeny Dadonov scored a stunning hat trick.

Vityaz statistics against SKA:


Harri Sateri was picked by SKA in the 2009 KHL Draft, but in 2014, Vityaz gained his rights. Since then he has played against SKA three times, conceding fourteen goals.


Ex SKA player Georgy Berdyukov has four assists against his former team, but at the moment, he is playing for Vityaz's farm club THC Tver.

Alexei Semyonov boasts three assists against SKA, while Evgeny Katichev, Pavel Lukin and Stanislav Romanov all have one. No current Vityaz defenseman on their roster has scored in a game with SKA.


Artyom Chernov has more points against SKA than any other Vityaz player - 19 (10+9). Others are as follows: Alexei Kopeikin - 10 (6+4); Dmitry Schitkov - 7 (6+1), Alexander Nikulin - 7 (2+5); Alexander Stepanov - 5 (3+2); Maxim Afinogenov - 5 (1+4); Yury Koksharov - 4 (2+2); Ivan Yatsenko - 3 (1+2); Nikita Vyglazov - 2 (1+1); Mario Kempe, Alexei Makeev, Alexander Pankov - 1 (1+0; Roman Horak - 1 (0+1).

SKA statistics against Vityaz:


Mikko Koskinen has competed two times against Vityaz, conceding four goals and winning both games. Igor Shestyorkin has also played in two matches, earning one shutout while conceding two goals. He also won both of his matches.


Maxim Chudinov - 5 (1+4); Vyacheslav Voynov - 4 (0+4); Anton Belov, Roman Rukavishnikov, Yegor Yakovlev - 1 (0+1).


Ilya Kovalchuk - 10 (6+4); Evgeny Dadonov - 9 (5+4); Vadim Shipachyov - 8 (3+5); Nikita Gusev - 5 (3+2); Jarno Koskiranta - 4 (4+0); Steve Moses - 4 (1+3); Viktor Tikhonov, Sergei Plotnikov - 3 (1+2); Ilya Kablukov, Pavel Datsyuk - 3 (0+3); Sergei Shirokov - 2 (1+1); Alexander Barabanov - 2 (0+2); Alexander Dergachyov - 1 (0+1).

SKA's top scorers against Vityaz in history are Maxim Sushinsky (4+8) and Tony Martensson (5+7). Igor Makarov and Ilya Kovalchuk have both scored six goals.

Vityaz players Georgy Berdyukov, Alexei Semyonov and Maxim Afinogenov all previously played for SKA. SKA defenseman Dinar Khafizullin signed for our club from Vityaz.

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