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SKA - Vityaz. Press-conference

Press-conferenceSKA - Vityaz - 161016
HC SKA press-service

HC Vityaz Podolsk head coach Valery Belov:

- I congratulate SKA with their deserved victory. In the second period, we had enough chances to turn the tide. However, unfortunately, we didn't give SKA a challenge.

- Were your players worried about playing SKA?

- No, I didn't notice that.

- If asking a question with humour, would you like to take some of Oleg Znarok's players?

- Do you mind, Oleg?

- O.Z. - Well, only for a short time.

- V. B. - Ok, we'll talk and make an agreement.

HC SKA head coach Oleg Znarok:

- We didn't have a great second period today, but the rest of the match was good.

SKA - Vityaz. Press-conference

- How has Ilya Kovalchuk improved so much and become the KHL's leading scorer?

- I didn't know that he is the current top scorer. He is a real master.

- With Ilya going through pre-season with the team, has this helped him?

- This was my first pre-season with SKA, I don't know what happened before.

- SKA scored a very quick first goal. Was the game won after the first period?

- The players had been working on this play beforehand. It's great that we scored immediately.

- Why did Vadim Shipachyov get moved to the third line?

- Because of the second line's poor performance.

- Are you satisfied with Patrik Hersley's debut?

- Yes, he did a good job.

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