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SKA - Vityaz. Press-conference

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HC SKA press-service

HC Vityaz Podolsk head coach Mikhail Kravets:

- SKA were stronger and deserved to win. We didn't stick to the game plan enough to take this match.

- Vityaz will play their upcoming home matches behind closed doors. How will this affect the team?

- Of course, it's not interesting to play without supporters, because sport is for the fans. However, this is the state of play. We have to play in these conditions.

- In comparison to last season, how much have SKA changed?

- I am more interested in my team. We have already proved that it's possible to compete against any opponent, you have to give everything and play with the correct system. It's no fluke that SKA have so many victories, they have a large squad with many talented, high-quality players.

- What went wrong for Vityaz today?

- We were lacking goals in the first period when we had odd-man rushes and powerplays. Furthermore, we conceded the three goals after losing the puck in our own zone.

SKA - Vityaz. Press-conference

HC SKA head coach Valery Bragin:

- We made a strong start by taking a 3:0 lead and creating other good opportunities. Overall, if we look at the match as a whole, we played well. Yes, we could have scored more goals, but their goaltender made tough saves. I am happy that physically we looked good today throughout the entire game.

- How do you feel now? And how would you rate Roman Rotenberg's efforts as coach?

- I feel fine. I would like to thank our coaches from the MHL and VHL, I have always said that we are all moving in one direction together. Roman Rotenberg did a good job, I would like to extend my gratitude to him. The team was in a tough situation, but he managed to get the most out of the players. It was a difficult moment and our coaches worked as they should have done.

- How did your body react to being on the bench again?

- Everything's fine, there's no point in even speaking about this. If I am here, that means I am fine.

- Vladimir Tkachyov, Vladislav Kamenev and Emil Galimov were all put in the fourth line, something which we didn't expect.

- We're searching for the optimal line options. Emil was out for a month because he had an operation, while Vladimir rested when we played against CSKA. We liked how they played together.

- We haven't seen Alexander Samonov for a long time.

- He recently started training again. We will see when he can return to matches.

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