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Sochi Hockey Open. SKA - Kunlun Red Star - 5:0

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HC SKA press-service

Following the win against HC Sochi, SKA returned to action at the 2018 Sochi Hockey Open on Sunday, playing Kunlun Red Star. In comparison to the first game, Nail Yakupov, Nikita Gusev, Vasily Tokranov and Patrik Hersley all participated in this fixture.

SKA made the perfect start to the match, scoring through Nail Yakupov and Andrei Zubarev in the first period, Later on, Sergei Kalinin, Viktor Tikhonov and Jarno Koskiranta all scored, completing an impressive 5:0 victory.

Match protocol:

SKA - Kunlun Red Star - 5:0 (2:0, 1:0, 2:0)


1:0 Yakupov (Tokranov), 00.34

2:0 Zubarev (Tikhonov), 12.46

3:0 Kalinin (Koskiranta), 35.32

4:0 Tikhonov (Zubarev, Kablukov), 49.37

5:0 Koskiranta (Karpov, Belov), 59.27

Goalkeepers: Hellberg - Lazushin

Shots on target: 28 - 20

Penalty minutes: 25 - 23

Faceoffs: 38 - 22

Hits: 9 - 11

Referees: Oskirko, Yudakov


Sochi Hockey Open. SKA - Kunlun Red Star - 5:0

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