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HC Sochi - SKA. Press-conference

HC SochiPress-conferenceValery BraginSochi - SKA - 281220
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valeri Bragin:

- We didn't play well in the first period, it was poor from us. Thank you to Alexander Samonov for saving us. Nevertheless, we began to play our brand of ice hockey in the second period, scoring goals and performing well on the powerplay.

HC Sochi head coach Evgeny Stavrovsky:

- We started really well today, the first period was great. We had enough opportunities to score at least one goal, but the quality of the SKA goalkeeper was higher than that of our players. We kept competing at a high tempo throughout the entire game, we had chances, but the opponents won because of their extra quality. Our unnecessary penalties resulted in the 1:4 scoreline.

- Was it easy to get your players prepared for SKA? A lot of your players have represented Saint Petersburg in the past.

- This was a regular season match, we have the same approach for every game. However, they do probably have extra motivation to prove that they deserve to play in the KHL. Each player has his pride.

HC Sochi - SKA. Press-conference

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