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Spartak - SKA - 0:2

Match reportSpartakSpartak - SKA - 130219
HC SKA press-service

In Moscow, SKA registered a second consecutive victory in the 2018/2019 KHL regular season, earning an important 2:0 victory against HC Spartak at the CSKA Arena.

The game was scoreless for a long time, but on 34 minutes, Finnish forward Jarno Koskiranta struck before Mikhail Maltsev doubled the advantage in the third frame.

Jarno Koskiranta connected with a clever passing play on the doorstep to beat opposing goalkeeper Nikita Bespalov. With the match delicately poised, Mikhail Maltsev then made it two, cutting sharply to the crease and scoring with aplomb.

Magnus Hellberg stopped all 18 shots he faced to tally a hard earned shutout and see out a 2:0 triumph for SKA over Spartak Moscow!

Match protocol:

Spartak - SKA - 0:2 (0:0, 0:1, 0:1)


0:1 Koskiranta (Plotnikov, Barabanov), 34.03

0:2 Maltsev (Kruchinin), 42.16

Goalkeepers: Bespalov - Hellberg

Shots on target: 18 - 21

Faceoffs: 16 - 23

Hits: 7 - 7

Penalty minutes: 33 - 4

Referees: Naumov, Olenin


Spartak - SKA - 0:2

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